The Top Student Applications for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the most practical piece of technology for a student to use in terms of maximising their level of productivity.

The authorized App Store offers a wide selection of applications that can help students better manage their time and keep themselves organised. Using an Apple Watch, you can do everything from organising your assignments to working through mathematical calculations.

Installing a few free apps is all that is required of you.

This blog article includes a rundown of some of the applications that can be downloaded onto your Apple Watch, as well as some tips and tactics that might be helpful to you in your role as a student.


It doesn’t matter if you are a student in elementary school, high school, college, or university; the TimeTable is the ideal application for you since it allows you to flawlessly enter your weekly calendar. The user experience is saturated with vibrant hues, which produce a striking visual effect when seen on a computer screen. Using the app’s built-in task list, you will be able to keep track of all of your assignments. By separating it into several sections, this to-do list might help you manage your college project in a more organised manner. Therefore, using this software makes it easier to manage the schedule than it would be without.


One of the most useful student planners that can be found in the app store is called MyHomework. Using this software, you may add your schoolwork in a structured fashion. To add your homework, other responsibilities, and reminders to study, you will need to use the ios version of this app. After that, you’ll be able to monitor their status from your wrist.

This software is really helpful since it provides reminders to finish the homework; therefore, there is no chance that you will forget any of them. However, in order to use this service, you will need to first create an account with myHomework.

The Electronic Calculator 

Depending on a smartphone to perform the math may not always be a trustworthy option. Calculating difficult equations with a calculator widget is not only possible but also very convenient. You can have one right at your fingertips. It is strongly recommended that you download the Calculator app on your Apple Watch if you are a student. The main feature of this programme is that it can calculate complicated mathematical problems using both a standard calculator and a scientific calculator.

This programme gives you the ability to modify the way it appears by providing over 70+ different themes that may be customised. It is possible to store computations, make copies of them, and share them. In general, it is an app that any student who has an Apple Watch absolutely needs to have.


iStudiez is somewhat comparable to the MyHomework app in its functionality. It enables you to plan your calendar, investigate your assignments, and maintain an up-to-date awareness of all the information pertaining to impending activities and assignments. You also have the option of computing your semester grade point average and saving it to your record. You should also let your instructors know that the iStudiez app may be used by teachers to keep track of all the courses and classes, and if your teachers have an Apple Watch, you should propose the app to them.

Star Countdown 

Is there something special happening soon at your school, college, or institution that people shouldn’t miss? An excellent app for the Apple Watch, Countdown Star allows you to keep track of the number of days before an impending occasion. This app, once the event has been created, displays the number of days that remain before the event takes place. The Countdown Star is likely to be of assistance to you in the event that you want to count the days till vacation or you don’t want to forget a friend’s birthday.


We are all aware that there are dull moments associated with learning. The FlashCard app provides you with the opportunity to learn in a pleasant environment while you are on the go. You have the choice to either use your iPhone to make your own flashcards or to use existing templates that have already been prepared by industry professionals.

There are a variety of games including Quiz, True/False, Flappy, and Ninja, among others, that are included to make learning more entertaining. Additionally, there are six built-in keyboards that may be used for rich text styling, arithmetic and chemical symbols, and other symbols. In general, an excellent software for the Apple Watch that makes learning engaging and entertaining.

The FlashCard platform provides educators with a fully functional class management system, as well as leaderboards, games, students’ folders for individualised learning, downloadable reports, statistics, and other features.


Being unfit and unwell can cause a loss of self-confidence, which can be detrimental to one’s academic performance. You also don’t want to make junk food your primary source of nutrition. Therefore, it is more necessary to acknowledge the state of your health. The MyFitnessPal app may be helpful in a variety of ways, including the modification of eating habits, the planning of diets, the tracking of weight, and more.

This application determines both the number of calories consumed and those burnt through physical activity. It gives you an estimate of the number of calories that are still available to you for the day. You should be able to attain the desired amount of weight reduction if you adhere to the calorie restrictions that you have set for yourself. In addition to keeping track of calories, it also monitors the intake of a variety of other nutrients, such as fat, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, fibre, cholesterol, vitamins, and more.

It’s a lot of fun to use the MyFitnessPal app since it allows you to not only establish and achieve goals but also connect with friends and share your successes, become a member of the community and participate in active discussions, and do a lot more besides.

Merriam Webster 

The definitions and spellings of words may be quickly accessed with the assistance of a dictionary app. It is not a dependable practice to carry actual books everywhere you go. The Merriam-Webster dictionary app makes it possible to carry an extensive word collection on your wrist. You may put your vocabulary to the test and learn new terms in an entertaining way by taking one of the quizzes. Because it has the capability of offline access, you won’t have to worry about having an internet connection.

You may look up any term you want with the assistance of voice search, which eliminates the need to spell it out. 

In addition, it provides concise definitions, audio pronunciations, a word of the day, example phrases, and other useful information. Consequently, an app that any student who has an Apple Watch really needs to have.

There are three more hints and tips for students regarding the Apple Watch. 

Set up Quiet Alarms 

If you are a student, it is quite likely that you are sharing housing with another person. It’s possible that the alarms you set on your phone will wake up your roommate. Also, you wouldn’t want to be the one to wake up your roommate with a loud noise first thing in the morning.

Instead of using your phone to set alarms, I think it would be better if you used your Apple Watch. You can set the Apple Watch to wake you up with a quiet alarm, and it will do so by vibrating on your wrist.

The following are the steps to set alarms on a quiet Apple Watch:

  • Open the alert panel on your Apple Watch, and then turn on the silent mode using the switch at the bottom of the panel. You may also accomplish this goal by using the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Launch the Watch application located on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to the tab labelled “My Watch.”
  • Choose the option labelled “Sound & Haptics.”
  • Turn on the mode that keeps the silence.

Obtain Notifications of Events 

On-screen When you’re at a meeting or lecture, notifications are extremely beneficial. It is not feasible to remove the smartphone from your bag while it is receiving a call or a text message on your phone. That’s why alerts are such a great way to stay informed about what’s going on in the world. Get information on who is calling and messaging you quickly and easily.

Follow these procedures to turn on the notification system:

  • Step one is to establish a connection between your iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • On your iPhone, launch the Apple Watch application.
  • Hit My Watch, then tap Alerts to view your notifications.
  • After that, a graphical user interface for configuring how certain applications provide notifications is displayed 

Swiping the screen to the left on the watch and touching the three dots will take you to the notification preference menu. After this, you will be able to tweak the settings so that you may choose to either silently transmit the message or completely disable it.

Consult SIRI

Siri, Apple’s official name for its voice assistant software, provides the power behind the Apple Watch. The voice assistant known as SIRI may be helpful for navigating as well as carrying out a variety of activities. Students can benefit from it since it makes a variety of chores easier to complete at the command of their voice.

You may, for instance, programme alerts to email your instructor, make calls by giving a voice command, play a song, conduct computations, establish events, obtain the weather forecast, activate DND, and a great deal more. In general, it makes several tasks easier to complete by responding to voice commands.

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