The Ultimate List of Rado Watches Designed For Men

One of the things that watch aficionados enjoy doing the most is building a collection of Swiss-made watches. One brand dominates the business to an even more considerable extent than the others combined. Rado.

There is no doubt that Rado watches are well-known for possessing an unrivaled level of sophistication in their designs. When Rado was founded in Lengnau in 1917, the company rethought what it meant to be luxurious. Today, the brand’s watches are consistently ranked among the most desirable countries worldwide.

It is not sufficient to claim that Rados watches are one-of-a-kind; they are heirlooms.


To begin, one does not need to have significant prior experience with high-end watches to have a desire for a Rado watch. You merely need to be conscious that they are superior to all others. Rado watches have won the majority of design and innovation awards in over thirty different countries.

As a result of the fact that each model is only made in restricted quantities each year – somewhere about 500,000 in total – men’s Rado watches are frequently tough to locate.

In addition, the color accuracy of a Rado watch is unrivaled in this sector of the business. Ceramic timepieces are notoriously difficult to replicate, yet Rado does an outstanding job working with this material.

In addition to that, the company is ahead of the curve in terms of innovation. It states that in 2002, it invented the most durable watch in the world, and in the year 2013, with the debut of the Essenza Ceramic Touch, it created the first touch-screen technology watch. Not to be outdone, it also produced the very first watch that was resistant to scratches and marketed it under the brand name Rado DiaStar, which retailed for $566.02.

Rado DiaStar

The DiaStar (1) was the very first watch of its kind to be made of gold, and it would go on to provide more value than any other item of jewelry or watch ever could. This innovation was groundbreaking when it was initially presented to the public in the year 1962. Before then, Swiss timepieces were never supplied with a warranty against surface scratches, which was a common complaint among buyers. jewelry

After some time had gone, Rado would eventually be responsible for the construction of some of the most well-known Swiss timepieces the world has ever seen. These watches would be manufactured in Switzerland.

Let’s take a look at some of the numerous options that are out there for males, shall we?

Centrix Jubile 


This particular timepiece is the watch that receives the most significant number of searches on the internet. areIt has a brief appearance thanks to the body being made of stainless steel and having a thickness of only 38 millimeters. It is undeniably one of the most eye-catching ceramic timepieces that are crafted in Switzerland.

The watch has a straightforward face that is black in color and contains hour, minute, and second hands in addition to a date window located at the three o’clock position. Inside is a dependable quartz movement. The dial is protected from damage by a sapphire crystal, and the watch is resistant to water depths of up to thirty meters.



The R5 ceramic line was designed by an Englishman named Jasper Morrison, who was responsible for the design. They have a lovely feeling of nostalgia, and even in all-black, the uncomplicated design makes a huge impression with a 36mm square casing. Even more impressive is the fact that they have a wonderful sense of nostalgia. In addition to that, they exude a beautiful sense of nostalgia.

During this year’s Vienna Design Week, the R5 Collection was unveiled to the rest of the globe for the very first time. The dial itself is constructed of sapphire crystal, as is the bezel surrounding it. Quartz movement and a date window are both featured on the watch, and it can withstand water pressure up to a depth of 30 meters.CollectionCollection

HyperChrome Dual Time Auto


A staggering amount of success may be attributed to Rado in a wide range of domains. The ability to make a high-tech wristwatch appear wonderfully stylish is one of those things, and this watch is the one that every traveler should have in their CollectionCollection because it achieves both of those goals.

The hour hands on this watch are constructed out of Super Luminova, making it really simple to read the time. In addition to showing times for two different time zones at the same time, its design features a predominantly grey color scheme. The dimensions of the enclosure are 42 millimeters long and 10 millimeters wide.

It is made out of high-grade stainless steel as well as high-tech ceramics that have been cut using plasma throughout the manufacturing process. This men’s watch from Rado is not only very lightweight but also resistant to scratching, making it one of the most scratch-resistant and long-lasting alternatives available from the brand. In addition to this, it can withstand water pressure of up to 50 meters.

The Coupole Classic 


If you are not a massive fan of the ceramic alternatives they supply, you might want to consider taking a look at the Coupole Classic Collection that Rado has to offer instead.

One of the least frequent choices offered by Rado, this clock is distinguished by its construction out of stainless steel. It is incredibly improbable that you will be able to ignore it because it is both technically impressive and artistically sophisticated. As a result, it is highly doubtful that you will.

The word “Coupole,” which refers to the crystal dome that rests atop the dial, derives from French and is initially used in that language. The watch case diameter is a mere 32 millimeters, making it an excellent choice for individuals who have wrists that are not as large.

In addition to that, it features an elegant bracelet that is also constructed of stainless steel and matches the watch. The back of the watch, which is constructed of sapphire crystal and displays the automatic mechanism, will now be brought to your notice.



This model is one of Rado’s newest creations, and it also happens to be one of the watches that can withstand the most wear and tear. Its spherical ceramic casing contributes to its overall polished and expertly put-together appearance, which also comes from the case’s design. The genuine crocodile-textured black leather strap is attached to the case, which measures 43 millimeters in width and 11.8 millimeters in thickness.

Roman numerals are utilized to present the hours on the dial, which is colored black. The hands are an argent color. A collection of minuscule marks can be found circling the perimeter of the outer rim. The format is analog, and the date is displayed in the place corresponding to the nine o’clock hour. There is a secondary dial that provides the current time in seconds.

An automatic movement can be found in the interior, and it can sustain water pressure of up to one hundred meters.



This bezel is constructed of stainless steel and has a permanent setting; it is also a unique design option. It contains minute markings that ring the outer rim of the watch and a face that is black. The luminous hands include diamonds that act as hour markers, and the watch also has minute markings on the outside rim. The display is broken up into three sections, the third of which is dedicated to the date. The actual casing has dimensions of 43 millimeters by 22 millimeters.

You will need to handle this timepiece with particular care because it is only water-resistant up to 30 meters and features a quartz movement that was produced in Switzerland.

In point of fact, the DiaStar one served as the foundation for the development of the Original. The differentiation may be seen in the color options: gold or stainless steel (silver). It has been whispered that there are only a few available for purchase at this point. We have it on good authority that there are just a few left available for purchase; thus, if you are a collector, you have arrived at the correct location.

The Centrix Chrono 


If you’re someone who likes chronographs, you probably already have some idea of how difficult it is to create a chronograph that doesn’t have unnecessary information. The Centrix Chrono is a timepiece that is breathtaking in its beauty. It is one of the most complicated clocks that Centrix manufactures, and there is a certain air of intrigue around it. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful chronographs that you could ever get for yourself. Ever.

The dimensions of the case. It has a ceramic and stainless steel case that is forty millimeters by twenty millimeters in size. It has three subdials: one that measures one-hundredth of a second, one that measures sixty seconds, and one that measures thirty seconds. The face of the watch is pitch black, and the hands emit a bright glow in the dark. When you reach the number four position, the date will be given to you.

Quartz movement is placed inside, and the watch is water-resistant to a good one hundred meters.

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