The United States Soccer Federation is Planning to Adopt STATSports as its Official Performance Tracking System

The United States Soccer Federation is Planning to Adopt STATSports as its Official Performance Tracking System

As a result of a partnership between both the United States Soccer Federation and STATSports, the most comprehensive player data monitoring system in the world will be produced. As a result of the cooperation, about 6,500 APEX GPS tracking equipment will be provided to US men’s, women’s, junior, Paralympic, futsal, and beach national teams, as well as to NWSL Development Academy clubs and NWSL clubs.

The Apex unit is a performance monitoring and evaluation tool that is utilized by a number of the most successful teams in the world across a variety of sports. It is carried in a vest and is situated between both shoulder blades. This encompasses the National Football League, the NBA, as well as La Liga. The device can record every form of motion and provide statistics on the user’s load, distance travelled, speed, acceleration, and deceleration, as well as high-speed running.

This information is transmitted wirelessly to mobile devices such as smartwatches, tablets, and smartphones, and it is also logged for subsequent download. The capacity to watch players and make judgments while the game is in progress is made possible by real-time analytic capabilities that show player position and movements. 

According to US Soccer High-Performance Director James Bunce, the APEX GPS gadget is the most precise and provides us with the optimal capacity to facilitate all of our National Teams as well as the clubs in our Development Academy.

“The capacity to use technology in real-time to assist in the formation of fast and well-informed decisions is unparalleled.” We will be able to evaluate, track, and maximize the physical development of players from all over the United States if we create a hub that is both customized and centralized for the analysis of data collected from those players.

This is just the beginning of things to come. The market for sportswear is expanding, and FIFA wants to capitalize on this trend by working toward the establishment of a universal wearable standard. The goal is to improve the efficiency of medical staff and athletic training by having all professional teams use the same data-tracking tools. It also paves the way for a whole range of alternatives for broadcasts, making it possible for viewers to watch comprehensive player data.

This summer’s FIFA World Cup will mark the first time that video-assisted referees are used during a major sporting event. Early this month, the ruling council of FIFA agreed to take the last step toward giving match officials in Russia high-tech help.

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