The UV index is displayed on Wear OS smartwatches, which helps users avoid getting a sunburn

Users of Wear OS smartwatches will soon have access to functionality that provides an assessment of the danger posed by going outside. It is presented to you in the form of a compilation on UV.

The ultraviolet light that is emitted by the sun is measured using something called the UV index, which is recognized all around the world. This parameter is important to understand because exposure to this type of radiation can result in sunburn, aging of the skin, damage to DNA, and some types of cancer. If you are aware of the value in advance, you will be able to take appropriate precautions to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. You can do this by reducing the amount of time you spend in its rays, applying a sufficient amount of sunscreen, and donning appropriate clothing and sunglasses.

The vast majority of websites that deal with weather offer some sort of UV-related information. The metric might range from 0 all the way up to 11 or more. The higher the number, the greater the amount of UV radiation that is present in the atmosphere.

The UV index varies greatly from one place to the next. For instance, in the United Kingdom, it will almost never be higher than 8. When the level rises above 4, it is recommended that appropriate safeguards be taken. Radiation like this is regarded as dangerous.

The UV functionality was previously missing from Google’s Wear OS weather app, but it is now available. A few days ago, the internet search giant tweeted about this development.

The graphic that follows shows what this looks like in its entirety. In case you were curious about it, the face of the watch is called the Pixel Minimal Watch Face.

At this time, the Wear OS Weather Tile will show you information like the current weather and a forecast, in addition to the temperature and location of your device. As a result of this latest update, a diminutive sun icon and the current UV number level will be displayed in the upper-right corner. This is the kind of information that can already be found in the Weather app that comes pre-installed on Google smartphones.

According to the corporation, consumers should anticipate seeing the feature within the next several days. The update has already begun trickling out, although it may be some time before it reaches every single user. This comes at a perfect time, with summer just around the corner. It is a somewhat unimportant but practical feature.

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