The Waggit is a dog collar that helps in the diagnosis of disease

These days, humans aren’t the only ones who can wear accessories. You can now buy your dog anything from a GPS tracker to a device similar to a Fitbit for tracking their activity. Additionally, technology is beginning to give owners of domestic animals new insights about the health of their animals.

A crowdfunding campaign for Waggit, an intelligent collar that monitors your dog’s vital signs, was started on Kickstarter yesterday. When it comes to the wellbeing of their canine companions, pet owners typically seek the advice of trained veterinary specialists. This item is not typically used by pet owners. If all goes according to plan with the campaign, this product has the potential to become the most feature-packed device currently available on the market.

The collar monitors a wide variety of data on a continuous basis, including vital signs during rest, body postures, the quality of sleep, activity, and diet. After that, it makes a comparison between this level and a baseline level and notifies owners of significant changes. The purpose of this is to identify a disease or illness in the early stages so that the pet will not have to go through any discomfort and the cost of veterinary care will be reduced.

Changes in vitals, changes in body position, and changes in the quality of sleep can all be indicators of a more serious underlying health problem. This information can be quite helpful. For instance, if a dog no longer sleeps on his right side, this could be an indication that he is experiencing some level of discomfort as a result of pain, an injury, or illness.

“It is quite unusual to identify health problems in dogs in their early stages.” On the other hand, disorders such as cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, epilepsy, and arthritis are on the rise in dogs, according to Susan Sierota, the co-founder and CEO of the company.

Because Dylan, my dog, is a member of the household, I have firsthand experience with the gravity of the responsibility that falls on us to provide the best possible care for our animal companions. Because of this, we are overjoyed with the development of Waggit; it is the only intelligent collar that makes monitoring the health and well-being of your fur baby as simple as loving him.

There is a plethora of more functionality available in the product, which has been in beta testing since June of this year. A temperature sensor that monitors a pet’s environment, built-in GPS, and the opportunity to put up a virtual fence are some of the features that are included to help keep your dog safe. Other features include monitoring of the dog’s nutrition and activity levels. Waggit is the device that brings all of this information together in one convenient package. In addition, the collar features three ultrasonic speakers, which, when activated, may provide a variety of sounds to assist with training.

The app on the user’s smartphone is used to manage everything. Additionally, this enables you to communicate health information with a veterinarian.

If you’re like the majority of people who own dogs, your canine companion is a member of the family. Consumers who want to make their dogs’ lives better by providing them with technology that is analogous to what they are using themselves are driving a surge in demand for wearables designed specifically for animals.

At this time, you can purchase Waggit for $169, which is $110 less than the retail price. This includes a six month charge for cellular service at the rate of $4.95 per month. It is now only accessible for dogs weighing 20 pounds or more. However, a version for cats and smaller canines is also in the works.

The cost is $169 and above.

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