The wearables marketing campaign by Samsung encourages overall wellness with its new Gear trackers

A marketing campaign to promote Samsung’s new goods has been developed in collaboration with Samsung and Cheil WorldWide Seoul. The creatives are being made with the goal of making the company’s products more appealing to people who aren’t just into fitness and sports.

Beyond those who are simply keeping track of their physical activity levels, Samsung is a firm believer that everyone should be aware of how they can enhance their overall health. According to Sungho Park, a senior professional at Samsung, the Gear Sport offers a more holistic approach to the process of maintaining and improving one’s health.

The South Korean electronics giant introduced three new devices a few weeks ago: the Gear Fit2 Pro, the Gear Sport, and an improved version of the Gear IconX headphones. This year, the firm is focusing on making all of its technologies water resistant, and as a result, the Gear Fit2 Pro and the Gear Sport can both be worn while swimming.

The Gear Sport is an altogether new wearable that offers a combination of fitness tracking and smartwatch functions in one compact package. While the GearFit2 Pro is an upgrade on the gadget that was released the year before, the Gear Sport is an entirely new wearable. At IFA in Berlin, we were able to catch a glimpse of it, and it left us feeling adequately impressed.

While you can now place a pre-order for the GearFit2 Pro (which you can do on Amazon), the Gear Sport is not slated to be released until the fourth quarter of this year (Q4). On the other hand, Samsung is not wasting any time. The company’s marketing department is putting in a lot of effort to promote the devices with the title “Go Beyond Fitness.” This is supposed to convey the idea that Samsung’s wearables may promote overall wellbeing, as opposed to simply dishing out your step count and calorie count and giving you those split timings for one kilometer of running.

Samsung’s internal digital channels also have the films available for viewing. The first video in the campaign demonstrates how normal, day-to-day activities can be counted as exercise, for example, going shopping or washing your clothes.

There will be the release of new films over the course of the next year to further drive home the point that these gadgets are more than simply instruments to aid in increasing athletic performance; they also contribute to general welfare. According to Kate Oh, Executive Creative Director at Cheil Worldwide Seoul, “This manifesto film emphasizes that fitness is not some particular activity but rather a part of our everyday existence, and that Samsung Gear is made for exactly that—everyday living.”

I believe that young audiences will be able to identify with the characters in this movie because, contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of individuals are not dedicated athletes.

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