The Withings Body Cardio smart scale now includes a statistic for vascular age

Withings just made an announcement regarding their new cardiovascular index. The Vascular Age for the Body Cardio Scale offers you an assessment of the health of your arteries that is simple to understand.

The Body Cardio is the most cutting-edge smart scale currently available on the market. It has a wonderful appearance, and in addition, you will receive a wealth of information, some of which will pertain to the health of your heart. The pulse wave velocity is one of these parameters that can be measured (PWV).

This information is not available on any other smart scale currently available. It does this by estimating the amount of time it takes for a pressure wave that was generated by the heart to travel along the arterial tree and reach your feet. Arterial stiffness can be determined by this. The value that is obtained can be helpful when determining the likelihood that you already have hypertension or will develop it in the future. More rapid speeds are associated with more rigid arteries.

The results of my analysis of the scale indicate that this works effectively. During the many weeks that I used it, the readings ranged anywhere from 5.5 to 5.9, which indicates that I was in the “ideal” range for someone of my age.

Vascular Age

 The new Vascular Age metric is an improvement on this, offering people an even simpler method of comprehending their current state of cardiovascular health. To accomplish this, it will take the data from the PWV and compare it to people of the same age and physical features as you.

Since the PWV metric was first released in 2016, Withings has accumulated an amazing 80 million readings in its user database. This gives the company access to a huge amount of information about users, which can be used to find insights.

In the past, you were merely provided with an evaluation of whether your PWV fell into the ideal, normal, or sub-optimal range. In addition to this, because of restrictions imposed by various regulatory bodies, this was not made available in all nations.

You will be provided with a Vascular Age as a result of the new algorithms. This can be either at or below your chronological age, or even above it. Simply put, the metric provides you with an understanding of how old you are on the inside by allowing you to determine the age of your heart. If you know how old your heart is, you can make it better by living healthier.

In addition to that, a quarterly and annual chart will be used to display your vascular age. This indicates if you are inside the optimal range, the typical range, or below the optimal range. The first group is made up of the top 10% of Withings users who are the same age and have the same physical characteristics.The second indicates that you are in the same range as 80 percent of Withings users, while the third indicates that you are in the bottom ten percent.People like these would benefit a lot from making some changes to their lives, like eating healthier, dealing with stress less, and giving up smoking.

According to Withings, their customers have a higher level of awareness regarding their health compared to the overall public. If you are among the lowest 10 percent of the population, however, this does not necessarily mean that you are among the lowest 10 percent of all people.

You can take a quick test to determine the state of your heart health by scrolling down below the trend information.

The upgrade is going to be available for both current and future owners of the Body Cardio scale. Today marks the beginning of the progressive rollout, which will reach each and every user over the course of the next two weeks. Vascular age, on the other hand, can be bought in all countries, including the US (check Amazon for price).

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