The Withings Body Scan Monitors Nerve Activity in Addition to Detecting Afib and Segmental Body Composition

The Withings Body Scan Monitors Nerve Activity in Addition to Detecting Afib and Segmental Body Composition

At CES 2022, Withings revealed their newest smart scale, which they call the Body Scan. The gadget can monitor segmental body composition, identify Afib, and analyze nerve activity. These capabilities are in addition to the conventional metrics.

The company is widely recognized as a leading producer of smart scales worldwide. In point of fact, Withings is credited with creating the very first device of this kind in the year 2009.

The Body Cardio scale was the following product that made a significant leap for the company. In addition to monitoring your resting heart rate, it also provides you with a brand new measurement known as your pulse wave velocity. Because of its sensors, the Body Cardio can detect even minute weight shifts induced by the user’s heartbeats. With this knowledge, the scale can determine the exact instant blood is expelled from the aorta and the precise moment blood reaches the blood vessels in the feet. Users will essentially receive a simplified version of a heart health evaluation from this.

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Withings Body Scan brings three innovative new features to the table

The Body Scan also measures a great deal of other information besides your weight. The product’s primary selling point is that it incorporates a 6-lead electrocardiogram into its design.

This is used to administer a little direct current to your body (via the feet and hands), which is used to spit out a daily assessment of nerve activity from sweat glands. This is done so that the current can be measured. An examination of nerve activity can detect specific illnesses, including diabetes. Currently, neurologists and endocrinologists are the only professionals able to perform this kind of examination inside a clinical environment. In addition to determining heart rate and vascular age, the electrocardiogram can screen for heart arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation (Afib).

The scale also measures other parameters, such as the proportion of water in the body, the amount of visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass, and extracellular and intracellular water. It is said that the measurements of the weight are extremely precise. However, this is not all.

The third innovative aspect of the scale relates to the user’s body composition. This goes beyond the measurements that many of us who have smart scales have trained ourselves to disregard. The segmental body composition feature is something that has not been seen on a device like this previously. Body Scan adds this feature. This enables measurements to be taken of the arms, legs, and torso that are specific to each unique body part.

A handle that can be retracted can be found at the very top of the scale. When you are standing on the scale, you are supposed to keep this in your hands at all times. In addition to the two electrodes located in the main body of the scale, there are also two electrodes located in the handle of the scale, four weight sensors, and 14 ITP electrodes.

A 3.2-inch LCD screen that displays full color is combined with a platform made of toughened glass in this construction. The scale’s battery life is approximately one year after a full charge, and it is fully compatible with WiFi.

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The new smart scale is something you won’t be able to get your hands on just yet, despite all of this sounds extremely exciting. Because the French company will need authorization from the FDA, they plan to release their product in the second half of 2022. The price of the scale will be $299.95 when it first goes on sale.

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