The Wonder Squat is the first intelligent squat machine in the world


Squats play a significant role in almost every programme for athletes and trainers. They aid in enhancing the strength of the upper and lower bodies. Squats are one of the best exercises for weight loss and strength improvement since they work practically all of the body’s muscular groups.

To keep your knees healthy and your legs powerful when you squat, it’s crucial to maintain correct form. It is difficult to complete this exercise properly, though. This is intended to change thanks to a recent Indiegogo campaign for the first intelligent squat machine in history.

The unique Resistance of the Wonder Squat utilizes gravity and your bodyweight. The device forces you to sit gently while supplying the push needed to stand up. The intelligent squat machine also ensures that your feet are always 90 degrees from your legs. This promotes healthy form and prevents injuries. Additionally, a larger variety of functional exercises like pushups and dips can be performed using the Wonder Squat.

The device has a corresponding smartphone app, as you might anticipate. This will track your progress and record how hard you work out each day. A 100-day fitness schedule and a variety of instructional videos are also included.

Wondersquat is available on Indiegogo for about $120 (£91) if you want to exercise in your house or place of business. Backers can anticipate getting their machine in time to prepare for this summer’s workouts.

Cost: £91 and higher


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