There are now Level Fitness Tracking Glasses

There are now Level Fitness Tracking Glasses

Though there have been a few unsuccessful attempts to make glasses that can perform additional tasks, the idea of smart glasses is still viable. According to Juniper Research’s data, the consumer wearables market’s fastest-growing segment will be eyewear that resembles traditional spectacles in the following few years.

VSP Global, a producer of eye care goods and services, is getting ready to introduce its Level smart glasses. They were first revealed in 2015. A group of optometrists established the business in 1955. They still provide top-notch goods and services more than 60 years later to businesses, eye care specialists, and over 80 million global members.

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The idea of entering the tech industry has been explored by VSP before. Previously, the business and Google collaborated to provide discounted Google Glass frames with prescription lenses.

Level fitness tracking eyewear is now available.

In the innovation lab at VSP Global, Level glasses were first developed as a Project Genesis prototype. The $270 spectacles resemble any other pair of glasses. An accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer that count steps, calories, distance, and activity are concealed under the left arm, though. Wearers will be excluded from sleep tracking for obvious reasons.

The president of VSP Vision Care, Kate Renwick-Espinosa, said, “We’re excited to bring Level smart glasses to market and offer our members a chance to use their vision care benefits toward the purchase of a relevant wearable gadget.”

“Level integrates the best knowledge from across VSP Global’s companies, including philanthropy, fashion, technology, and healthcare. The debut of Level in collaboration with VSP network doctors makes us very happy.

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The accessories include a smartphone app that displays your fitness statistics in detail and gives points for achieving daily objectives. There is a component of charity. A free eye checkup and pair of glasses are provided by VSP to someone in need whenever you reach 50 points. Find My Glasses is a location-based feature included in the app.

Level eyewear is water-resistant and is offered in three different styles for both men and women. A magnetic charging mount that is concealed inside the hinge takes around 30 minutes to charge. Three days is the typical battery life.

If you’ve been seeking for a classy way to keep track of your workouts, you might find this intriguing. The specs should be available in a few optometry offices across the US starting in March.

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