Garmin Forerunner 745 vs 945 Review: Detailed Features Comparison

Garmin Forerunner 745 vs 945 Review: Detailed Features Comparison

After several rumors and leaks, Garmin has just this past week confirmed that the Forerunner 745 exists. This new and upgraded model is the one that came after the successful 735XT. Since the previous iteration had been in operation for more than two years, it was high time for an update to be implemented.

As a result of the inclusion of new capabilities that have been built in, the 745 is now a device that is substantially more capable than it was before. They create it so that it is not all that unlike the Forerunner 945, which is true. The only thing that actually distinguishes one from the other is a few insignificant things. Please keep reading to learn more about what they entail and how they work.

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Comparing the designs and hardware of the Garmin Forerunner 745 and 945

Because of Garmin’s brand-wide commitment to maintaining a unified aesthetic across all of its products, the most recent generation of the Forerunner watch line all feature the same general style. The differences are barely distinguishable at this point. Nevertheless, there is a crucial truth that you need to be aware of about the 945 and the 745, and that information is the fact that they are not the same size. You need to be aware of this fact.

The thickness of the case of the 745 is measured at 43.8 millimeters, but the thickness of the case of the 945 is measured at 47.0 millimeters. It’s possible that this will make a difference for some folks, particularly those with smaller wrists who thought the 945 was just a little bit too big for them. The 745 has been measured to have a thickness of 13.3 millimeters, resulting in a slightly more compact—4 mm trimmer. In addition to this, the weight has dropped from 50 grams to 47 grams, which is a decrease of 7 percent.

Even though the size of the actual device has been reduced, the good news is that the screen diameter on the most recent Garmin has remained the same at 1.2 inches. This suggests that the company effectively decreased the size of the bezel that runs around the sides of the device. There is no requirement for anyone to have a big bezel. The only other visual distinction readily visible is that the physical buttons and other color selections each have a slightly different color from one another. This is the only other visual distinction that can be seen.

Underneath the surface of both of them is a set of identical sensors. One of the most important distinctions is the length of time that the battery may remain charged. The 945 is able to accommodate a larger battery due to its larger size, which enables it to maintain functioning for up to two weeks when used in smartwatch mode and for up to ten hours when GPS is engaged. The 945 can maintain operation for up to ten hours when used in smartwatch mode. When compared to the 745, which took one week and six hours, respectively, this represents a vast improvement.

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Activity tracking and intelligent features of the Garmin Forerunner 945 against the 745

Both of these Smartwatches include a wide array of features and functions, making them suitable for a number of different sports. They will more than have you covered from the beginning when it comes to measuring your fitness continuously around the clock.

There is now an integrated mode for monitoring sleep that maintains track of total sleep hours, time spent sleeping, times of calm sleep, and breathing patterns during sleep. The red LED on the Elevate optical heart rate monitor will continue to function normally even if the user is wholly submerged in water. This LED displays the user’s Pulse Ox data.

The monitoring of sporting events is a domain in which the two are particularly strong. The 945’s profile lists a variety of outdoor recreation activities, some of which include climbing and mountain biking. Bicycling, running, and swimming are just some of the onboard sporting activities that are available to passengers. Other onboard activities include multi-sport and block exercises. Every single one of them comes with its very own metrics and information on its performance.

Integration of external navigation features, such as maps, is the other change that has been made to the 945 since it was first released. The 745, on the other hand, grants you access to core GPS waypoint navigation in addition to a feature that enables you to retrace your steps back to the initial location.

The 745 comes with an additional feature known as “New Daily Workout Suggestion,” which suggests a different exercise regimen for you to carry out on a daily basis. This information was just recently made available to the general public on the most recent version of the Garmin Edge 1030 Plus, and it has now made its way onto a watch. In a concise amount of time, you can anticipate other Forerunners to obtain this.

Let’s wrap up this investigation by taking a look at the savvy functionality provided by each alternative. The only thing that differentiates products in this category is the quantity of RAM that is available for use in storing music. The 745 only permits the storage of 500 songs on the device, whereas the 945 permits the storage of up to 1000 songs. Those of you who are music aficionados and require access to more than 500 songs on your timepiece ought to consider this because it is something that should be considered.

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Garmin Forerunner 945 vs. 745: Final Thoughts

Both the 945 and the 745 are multi-sport watches that are relatively similar in terms of their overall appearance and the functions each one possesses. There is no way to refute the fact that Garmin’s more expensive features are gradually making their way down to the company’s less expensive devices. The price difference between the two is not all that substantial, coming in at around $100. The 945, on the other hand, was just released about a year ago, which means that it is regularly available at a reduced price, further narrowing the price gap.

Garmin’s most modern and cutting-edge fitness and sensor technology are included in the brand-new 745 models, just announced. On the other hand, compared to the 945, it lacks a number of essential elements. This offers support for golfing, but much more significantly, it does not offer support for maps. In addition to this, the amount of storage space available for music is just half as small, and the device has a substantially shorter battery life. On the other hand, if you find the 945 to be somewhat unwieldy, you could be more interested in the 745 because it is somewhat more compact and bears less weight overall.

Because of this, the 745 is a fantastic option to go with if you want to wear a more compact device on your wrist, don’t need the maps, and don’t mind that it only has half the battery life of the other models. For everyone else, the fact that the 945 has a longer battery life may be sufficient to warrant investing the few additional dollars that will be required to acquire it. This will be necessary because the 945 has a larger capacity battery.

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