There are Two Reasons Why You Should Consider Purchasing the Air Quality Monitor sold by Amazon

Amazon has issued a press release announcing that it will begin accepting pre-orders for its own little Smart Air Quality Monitor. The device stands out from the competition for two reasons: first, it is more affordable than its competitors, and second, it is designed to appear to function with Alexa.

The retail technology giant is gradually broadening the variety of gadgets that can link to Alexa. Amazon’s first ambient indoor air quality sensor is the newest participant to get in on the excitement. This is of even more significance in light of the numerous health concerns that have arisen over the last two years and the growing amount of time people spend working from home.

The vast majority of us are blissfully ignorant of the amount of time we spend cooped up indoors. These days, there is a lot of writing about the pollution that occurs outside, but the pollution that occurs within can be even worse. According to official estimates, this number is at around 90 percent.

Throughout the years, we have evaluated various air quality sensors. These gadgets can be placed silently by your nightstand or in the living room, and at a glance, they will indicate whether or not it is time for you to crack open the window and let some fresh air into the room. Modifying such aspects of your routine can significantly impact your health over the long term.

The Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor performs precisely this function in your home. In addition to temperature and relative humidity, it reports the concentration of allergens and poisons that are found inside, such as dust, volatile organic compounds, and carbon monoxide. This is comparable in effectiveness to other devices of this kind.

However, compared to most other air quality monitors available on the market, consumers can purchase the one sold by Amazon for only about $70. Now is the time to place your pre-orders, and shipments will begin early next month.

The actual device is relatively compact, with dimensions of just 65 by 65 by 45 millimeters and a weight of just 120 grams. Because there is no display, you will have to use the LED status indicator with multiple colors to determine the quality of the air surrounding you.

Usage of the Echo Family Products or the Alexa Application constitutes the alternative choice. All of these are linked to the monitor that assesses the air quality. And this is a distinct benefit over other similar gadgets, as the interaction with Alexa is entirely effortless.

If there is a significant decrease in air quality, your Echo device will quickly send you a notification or make an announcement. The software will also provide you the ability to view a chronology of what you are inhaling and provide an air quality score that is simple to comprehend.

Amazon claims that the installation of its air quality sensor is as straightforward as it can possibly be. Connect it to a source of electrical power and then follow the steps outlined in the Alexa application.

We believe that you are passing up a great opportunity if you do not have an air quality meter. It’s not a massive sum of money, but the product’s value, to begin with, is crystal evident, and it’s not hard to see why.

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