There is a Possibility that Amazon is Developing a Children's Wristwatch that is Integrated with Both GPS and Alexa

There is a Possibility that Amazon is Developing a Children's Wristwatch that is Integrated with Both GPS and Alexa

It has been rumoured that Amazon is considering entering the market for children’s smartwatches with a wearable that is equipped with both GPS and Alexa.

Garmin and Fitbit presently have a dominant position in the kids’ market, but Apple is working hard to gain ground in this competitive space. However, there are a large number of smaller brands that are competing with one another for a share of the market. If all goes according to plan, it’s possible that another major brand, Amazon, may soon enter this market.

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Amazon’s wearable is geared at children.

According to a story that was published by Bloomberg, the retail giant is reportedly looking at developing a product with the age range of 4 to 12 years old in mind. The wearable device, which was given the code name Seeker, may take the shape of a bracelet, keychain, or clip.

Its codename suggests that it would have GPS capabilities, which would let parents keep track of their children no matter where they are and communicate with them at all times. The voice-activated wearable device would also be able to speak with Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant.

In addition to ensuring that children are protected, the purpose of Seeker is to facilitate children’s access to the material on Amazon that is geared toward them. Therefore, it is compatible with Alexa. This is also the primary factor that sets it apart from the other products on the market.

According to the story published by Bloomberg, the development of the gadget has taken place over a period of time. Initially, Amazon planned to introduce its product in the year 2020. It is not obvious why things did not go according to plan, nor is it clear how much progress has been made on the project.

The only other piece of information that is presently available is that the corporation is contemplating setting the price of the gadget geared for children at $99. This comes with wifi access as well as a Kids+ membership that is good for a whole year.

The Kids+ service is already accessible. Access to hundreds of kid-friendly movies, television series, apps, and games is available for a monthly fee of just $2.99.

The context is its whole.

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The company has already used the subscription model for a different kind of wearable device. Amazon Halo was introduced just before the end of the previous year.

The gadget, which does not have a screen, has various capabilities that are not found in other fitness trackers. In addition to analyzing your body fat, this will also entail analyzing your speech tone in order to determine your “social and emotional Fitness.” A movement health component was added very recently to the mix of features.

There are some of them that do have a creep aspect to them. You are being listened to by a gadget that is actively monitoring what you are saying. In addition, it calls for photographs to be taken with very minimal clothes on in order to arrive at accurate body fat estimations.

A sleep monitoring gadget that works similarly to radar was recently granted certification by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by Amazon. It looks like a hexagonal pad around the size of your hand that is attached to a metal wire base that is designed to sit on your bedstead. While you are unconscious and lying down, the device will broadcast millimetre-wave radar in order to monitor your respiration. It would seem that the group has been labouring over the device for at least a year now.

Wearable technology for the sake of health and fitness has been available for only a little more than a decade today. However, Amazon had just started showing an interest in this until lately. Because this is such a rich and rapidly expanding area, you shouldn’t be surprised if the retail giant makes an effort to get a foothold in this sector.

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