There is a possibility that other iterations of Fossil's e-ink hybrid will be released in the future

Following in the footsteps of the Hybrid HR smartwatch will most likely be a slew of further wearables produced by Fossil. E-ink screens will be included in some devices, while others will not have them.

At the beginning of 2019, the partnership with Google will directly result in the production of each of these watches. The search engine giant took up a portion of Fossil’s research and development staff as part of the transaction that was worth $40 million. The proprietary technology that was produced as a result of this is referred to as “Diana.” Diana is a hybrid of the terms “Digital” and “Analogue,” and it was created as part of this project.

The first commercially available product to include the new smarts was the Hybrid HR. The revolutionary e-ink technology is easily its most intriguing feature. This not only makes it possible to have an experience that is constantly on, but it also makes it possible to save electricity. The display, which is hidden behind the mechanical hands, may show a variety of things, including the user’s heart rate, steps taken, the weather, and notifications. The entire thing is powered by Fossil’s in-house developed operating system.

Positive first impressions of the product are beginning to surface online, and they are beginning to filter through. There are a total of five variants of the Hybrid HR, three of which are available for men’s Collider range and two of which are available for women’s Charter range. The design is the sole thing that sets them apart from one another.

However, it appears that several further Diana versions are on the way today. A picture and some information have been passed along under the guise of coming from a source that will remain nameless. Some watches, such as the ones pictured above, use the same electronic ink display as the Hybrid HR. The one in the centre of the picture uses more complex colours than the traditional black and white e-ink. The source referred to this as an “experiment with colour masking” in their explanation. It would appear that the objective is to incorporate this kind of display with the various other designer sub-brands offered by Fossil.

The two variations that are depicted above are hybrids that are considered to be “more traditional.” The first one has just one obstacle to overcome, whereas the second one has three. The same source also mentioned that certain beta builds of the software offered instant access to Google Assistant with the click of a button, but the Hybrid HR did not come with this functionality.

Since quite some time ago, we have been holding out hope that Google will soon release its Pixel watch. It would appear that each year that goes by ushers in fresh optimism. The Nikkei Asian Review, a Japanese news organisation, made a prediction at the beginning of the month of October that the watch might be released toward the end of the month. Nothing came about, just like it did before.

On the other hand, things might turn out differently in the future. Google has recently reached an agreement to purchase Fitbit in addition to the Fossil technology. The transaction of $2.1 billion ought to be finalised at some point during the next year. It’s possible that Google’s partnership with Fossil and Fitbit will make it possible to release the Pixel Watch sooner rather than later.

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