There was an issue with the firmware update for the Versa Lite; here is what to do

You might have run into an issue if you have recently completed the most current firmware update on your device or if you have just recently acquired a Versa Lite. The installation will begin, then stop, or it will fail in some other way. The next step is as follows.

The Versa Lite smartwatch is a version of the Versa that is available at a lower price point. Although it does not come equipped with on-board Wi-Fi or on-board storage for music like its bigger sibling does, it does come with pretty much everything else. And this whole thing works quite well.

Despite this, some owners of the Versa Lite have reported that they were unable to successfully install the most recent firmware update. According to a post made by one of them on the Fitbit forum, “Why has it taken all day for this update, and it’s still only 12 percent complete?” Another one of them said, “Mine is acting the same way, and it’s brand new, but I haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet!”

A number of users have reported experiencing the same drama. The download of the program takes an interminable amount of time, and the installation never gets past the white Fitbit logo.

It would appear that one should avoid attempting to perform a factory reset unless specifically instructed to do so by customer support. Don’t act in this manner.

Instead, Fitbit recommends the following as the best course of action to take.

Connect your Versa Lite to a computer, and then make an effort to install the firmware using the Bluetooth connection. Repeat the preceding steps a few times in case you receive a notification indicating the update was unsuccessful. According to Fitbit, the likelihood of the watch correctly updating itself is improved when it is connected to a computer via a direct cable connection.

There is an alternative solution available for users of computers running the Windows 10 operating system. The business has not made this information readily available to the general public, and the forum indicates that you should get in touch with customer support so that they can guide you through the process.

You can also try relocating the Versa closer to the router and ensuring that the router has an internet connection; performing a soft restart on the watch; rebooting your phone; and turning Bluetooth on and off on your smartphone. These are just some of the other things you can do. You might also try deleting your watch from your Fitbit account and then adding it again to see if it helps.

Fitbit has acknowledged that it is aware of the issue. We can only hope that the problem’s solution will be found quickly.

The newest edition of the company’s operating system, version 4.1, was released not too long ago. This brings with it a plethora of enhancements and new features, such as an improved battery life, a “Smart Wake” function, an agenda app, a new clock face switcher, and further customization options for the clock face.

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