These Concept Images Show What an Apple Smart Ring May Look like if it Were Ever Produced

The new concept photos show what an Apple brilliant ring may look like if it were ever produced. A patent for precisely such a device was granted to the corporation a few years ago.

To a certain extent, the aesthetics are derived from the patent that was issued in 2019. Both the basic and the enhanced version of the device are depicted in these images. Designers Konstantin Milenin and The Apple Stack (through YankoDesign) conceive of a product that would go well with the rest of Apple’s product lineup and imagine how it may look.

The basic model of the ring appears to be pretty unassuming and something that has the potential to be helpful. The Pro model is noticeably more cumbersome, and it isn’t easy to imagine that this kind of device will garner any consumer interest.

There is still a long way to go before intelligent rings become commonplace, and it is debatable whether or not this will ever happen. However, we are confident that some Apple customers would welcome the opportunity to wear such a device on their fingers. Particularly those individuals who do not enjoy wearing the flagship watch of the firm because they believe it either does not suit their taste or is excessively hefty.

The Apple Ring is envisioned as a low-key device that features a touchscreen that wraps around it in its most basic form. If there were no physical buttons, this would be the control panel that you would use.

The streamlined idea appeals to us. The compact device might monitor vital signs, sleep patterns, and even activity levels, and it might even enable users to take and make calls while they are on the move. It was even capable of performing the functions of a mouse or remote control.

On the other hand, the design for the Apple Ring Pro takes on a more chiseled appearance in its concept. This one, in particular, brings to mind the company’s patent that is discussed further down below.

The display of the ring is comparable to what you will find on the Apple Watch, which is somewhat implausible to assume, given the context. Imagine attempting to read a notification on a tiny screen! Due to the fact that the text would be too small, a highly simplified version of the same thing would have to be used. And extending the size of the ring to handle a massive display is not something we see occurring.

Concerning the length of time a single charge will last on such a device, we have high hopes that it will outperform the Apple Watch in this regard. It would be lovely to have a few days.

The Patent for Apple’s Intelligent Ring

In reference to the patent that was filed in 2019, this provides us with additional information regarding what we might anticipate. The submission consists of a simple design of what an Apple Ring “based in reality” is supposed to look like.

The following is a description of the ring that can be found in the accompanying text from Apple:

A user commands an outer electrical appliance with a finger-ring-mounted touch interface that includes a computer processor, wireless transceiver, and rechargeable power supply; the band is known to wear on a first finger and receives feedback from a second finger, chooses one of a plethora of touch factors linked with the input, and wirelessly communicates an instruction linked with the touch event to the external electrical appliance;

The initial application, titled “Devices, techniques, and interface design for a wearable electronic ring computing device,” can be accessed in its entirety on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.

The discussion focuses on a piece of hardware that has been described as having a speaker, and a finger-ring mounted touchscreen, a microphone for receiving voice instructions, and a sensor for writing or character recognition. In addition to this, the object would offer haptic feedback. The rechargeable ring is designed to function in conjunction with a wide variety of different devices, such as a smartphone, Apple TV, or light dimmer, amongst others.

The Apple Ring, in addition to its many other applications, might also serve as a substitute for a computer mouse in some circumstances. In the same way that the Apple Watch and other fitness wearables contain biometric sensors like a heart rate monitor and an accelerometer, it is possible that this device will also contain these types of sensors.

The patent goes on to say the following:

A wearable ring device that includes an annular member that defines an aperture therethrough that is sized for receipt therein of the first finger of a user; a computer processor that is housed in the annular member; a touchscreen that is electrically connected to the computer processor and disposed at least partially at an outer peripheral surface of the annular member, where the touchscreen is configured to receive input from a second finger of the user; and a wireless transceiver that is electrically connected to the computer processor

When will Apple Finally Release its Smart Ring?

Apple has transitioned its product line from desktop computers to laptops, then to portable music players, then to mobile phones, and now to watches in order to keep up with the rapid pace at which technology is advancing in terms of size, performance, and cost. It is only reasonable to assume that the corporation will attempt to broaden its operations into more types of wearable technology.

It is important to emphasize that the majority of tech companies register patents so that they can block competitors from licensing certain features or inventions. This indicates that Apple may choose to keep the Smart Ring concept at the concept stage. It is still unknown at this point whether or not it will ever become public knowledge.

Is Apple getting ready to push the limits of what’s possible? Even if there is some level of rivalry in the intelligent ring industry, the Cupertino outfit has never let it slow down in the past. If you were given an Apple Ring, would you wear it?

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