This device, which gets its power from the sun, alerts you when it's time to seek some shade

A brand new solar monitoring device that can be worn will soon be available on the market. There are many who call it a “sun watch.”

There are not nearly enough smart UV wearables on the market. Although there are a few different gadgets available, their number is quite limited in comparison to the variety of wearable fitness bands that can be purchased. The Eclipse Rx has a design that is strikingly similar to that of the popular fitness trackers Fitbit and Garmin, but that’s about where the similarities stop.

Instead, you will receive readings that reflect how much time you spend in the sun. The device will begin vibrating and sending push notifications to your phone as soon as its solar panels and infrared sensors determine that it is time to seek shelter from the sunlight. The best part is, and you probably have realized this, it gets its electricity from the sun. This eliminates the need to charge one additional gadget overnight.

The Eclipse Rx was designed by dermatologists who hold board certification, and it also performs the tasks of a standard pedometer by tracking the number of steps you take during the day. All of this information, as well as statistics about how much time was spent in the sun, is shown on the app that goes with it.

It is not difficult to use. All that is required of you is to submit your personal profile, which should include information about your skin type and the UV protection factor of your sunscreen. The device takes care of the rest by itself.

According to Dr. Matthys, the development of the device has been going on for quite some time now. His mission is to eradicate skin cancer and make it possible for people to live their lives outside without fear.

According to him, it has the potential to make it possible for people to enjoy life outside in a way that they have never been able to before due to the increased degree of awareness and the capacity to protect their skin.

What truly differentiates us from the competition is the fact that we designed the wearable device with both our interests and our goals in mind.

The Eclipse Rx can be purchased for $159 and was developed by a company based in Kansas City. It is presently available for pre-order, and shipping is anticipated to take place throughout the summer.

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