This is how a bezel-less Apple Watch would seem

This is how a bezel-less Apple Watch would seem

Isn’t it lovely to have an Apple Watch without a bezel? Unlikely to happen this year, but if it does, this concept video depicts how it would appear.

Because the Apple Watch will be released in September, there will be a lot of conjecture and rumors about what to expect. The downside is that the device will include a slew of new features, such as blood oxygen saturation readings, native sleep tracking, parental controls, and more. Much of this will be delivered via watchOS7, and it is possible that it may be ported to previous-generation watches.

However, there hasn’t been much said about what to expect in terms of Series 6 design advancements. To refresh your memory, the most notable feature of the current version is the presence of an always-on display. This is thanks to an LPTO (low-temperature polysilicone and oxide) display that has been developed. However, the overall appearance and shape have stayed virtually unchanged from the original edition.

The bezel around the display is one irritation. This is standard on most smartwatches. Here are a couple examples of what an Apple Watch with an edge-to-edge display would look like. They’re really screenshots from a video broadcast on the ConceptsiPhone YouTube channel.

This is how a bezel-less Apple Watch would seem.

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Source: ConceptsiPhone’s YouTube channel

A watch with this style of design is unlikely to be released this year. However, there is always hope. Smartphones have already gone through the process of removing the bezel. Sooner or later, smartwatches will follow suit.

The 22nd of June is a date to remember. This is the date of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. It will be an entirely online event for the first time. There won’t be any hardware announcements, but the software reveals may provide some insight into what to expect.

Meanwhile, take a look at the video. Let’s hope we see something similar to this in the future.

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