This Wearable Bibrates Whenever Your Face is Brought into Contact With Your Hand

A Seattle-based company called a “startup” has made a smart wristband that vibrates when the wearer brings their hand near their eyes, nose, or mouth.

The epidemic caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) is getting worse every day. As of right now, nearly 400,000 cases have been documented across the world, with Europe and the United States serving as the epicenter of the pandemic. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided clear advice on how to protect yourself from potential dangers. Because older people and people who already have certain problems are more likely to contract the disease, it is even more vital that they follow the directions carefully.

One of the rules states that you should try to avoid contacting your eyes, nose, or mouth with hands that have not been washed. Once contaminated, hands have the potential to readily spread the virus to the mucous membranes of the face. To cause an infection in the respiratory tract caused by a virus only requires a few virus particles.

But this is simpler to say than it is to do, considering that the typical individual touches their face 23 times every hour (APIC estimates). Calculations suggest that this occurs more than five hundred times every single day.

Immutouch is a smart watch that was developed to assist you in kicking this habit. It not only keeps track of how many times you contact your face throughout the day but, more crucially, it alerts you with a vibration every time you do so. This is intended to serve as a warning, and over time, you will be trained to refrain from doing this.

A parallel can be drawn between this and the Pavlovian theory. The process of developing a new conditioned response by the application of a stimulus

The smart band incorporates a gravimeter into its design, allowing it to monitor the user’s hand location in real time. It is recommended that you calibrate the device before using it by touching your lips, nose, and both of your eyes. This contributes to the process of customizing the hand-tracking algorithms.

Since you are just as likely to touch your face with your non-dominant arm, one wristband is certainly not enough to keep you from doing so. In order to accomplish this, the mobile app on the phone can concurrently couple with two different bands.

Immutouch has a battery life of approximately one day between charges. Because it is water-resistant, you can wash your hands as frequently as you like without worrying about damaging it. Since the band does not have any other functions, your best bet for a step or activity tracker is still a Garmin or Fitbit. The wristband does not have any other capabilities.

According to one of the organization’s founders, Matthew Toles, “An issue the magnitude of COVID-19 demands us all to do our bit, whether it be small or large.”

“The 3 of us seemed to be exceptionally well suited to take on this one mission, and we felt that it was our obligation to at least try to complete it,”

Immutouch accepts orders for the bands, which may be purchased for a price of $49.99 each. Due to the high level of demand, customers who make a purchase might have to wait a few weeks for their order to be delivered.

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