Through the Amazfit Trade-in Program, you Can Upgrade to the GT 3 Series at a Reduced Cost

Zepp Health has introduced a trade-in program that will allow you to upgrade your current Amazfit watch to either the GTS 3, GTR 3, or GTR 3 Pro. You might receive up to $55 in exchange, depending on the model of smartwatch you now own.

If you have been looking at the new Amazfit GT 3 Series but already own a watch, it’s possible that you decided the update was not worth the bother of selling your current gadget and buying a new one because you already have a watch. But given that Zepp Health has simplified the process, you ought to further consider this.

On this page, you’ll find information on the Trade-in program. It will continue through the 11th of December, providing you with sufficient time to consider your alternatives.

There is a form that needs to be filled out in its whole in the event that you choose to trade in your current smartwatch. Within the next three business days, the company will evaluate your response and provide you with information regarding the worth of the smartwatch that you are trading in.

About ten questions make up the entirety of the form. You will also be asked to provide the model of the watch that you wish to trade in and indicate whether or not the watch is in perfect working order and free from any flaws or blemishes. Last but not least, you will be required to upload an image of your watch.

Because Zepp Health does not differentiate between the different models of its smartwatches, any and all Amazfit watches are eligible for the trade-in program. It would be best if you aimed to receive no less than $55 from this transaction. The better its condition, the higher the percentage of your original purchase you can anticipate getting as a return.

After you have received the response, you will need to choose whether or not to accept the offer. The price that was quoted is suitable for a period of two weeks.

If you find that the price for the new Amazfit GT 3 series is acceptable, you may place an order for it on the company’s website. You will be required to pay the whole amount for the brand new watch. It is essential to keep in mind that the offer will not apply if you purchase at one of the many other retail stores available, such as Amazon.

When you send in your device, Amazfit will provide you with a shipping label that you can print out and attach to the package. The value of your previous watch will then be refunded to you by Zepp Health between two and four business days after they have received it. The one other thing that needs to be done is to ensure that any personal data stored on the watch has been removed and that it has been reset to factory settings before sending it.

It’s possible that you could get a significant discount on the new watch if it’s on sale and you return the one you already have. It might not seem like much, but you might get up to $55 back on your current watch. However, this discount would be in addition to any other sales that the GT 3 series may be participating in until the 11th of December. After all, it is the Christmas season. Therefore there is a possibility that there may be some discounts on the newly released watches.

Following our examination, we came to the conclusion that the Amazfit GTR 3 is an excellent choice for customers in the market for an activity monitoring device. The watch certainly has a lot going for it, and it is easy to see where it excels over its predecessor in terms of design and functionality.

A floor count and continuous SpO2 monitoring are only two of the many fundamental aspects of health and fitness covered (not just on-demand). The GPS now establishes a connection more quickly and precisely than in the past. Monitoring of the user’s heart rate using the BioTracker 3.0 engine also functions effectively, and the available performance measures are varied and comprehensive. Then, there is the brand-new operating system, which goes without saying. It is something that Zepp Health calls a Mini App Framework, and it is included. It basically enables the use of applications developed by third parties on the watch.

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