Tile has expanded its lineup of Bluetooth trackers in preparation for an upcoming competitor to Apple.

Tile has released new iterations of its various Bluetooth tracking devices. This comprises the release of an entirely new tracking device in addition to an update to the already existing range.

Tile Sticker 

The brand new component is being referred to as the Tile Sticker. You may attach it to a variety of different things, like your laptop, camera, TV remote, and more. It is the company’s smallest device. The fact that the device is impervious to water allows you to utilise it with things like bicycles, surfboards, snowboards, and other such items.

The device has a range of up to 150 feet, an integrated battery that lasts for three years, and it can adhere to practically any surface. It will cost you $39.99 for a two-pack of the device that has a thickness of a quarter of an inch.

Tile Slim

The Tile Slim, which is the next item in the range and retails for $29.99, has been revamped. It has been redesigned to be approximately the same thickness as three credit cards and to have a more rectangular form than its predecessor, which had a squared-off appearance. This allows you to tuck it away in your wallet or the pocket of your jacket with ease. Tile Slim is also resistant to water, and its battery is rated to last for three years.

Tile Professional and Tile Mate

Obviously, the business is still selling its incredibly popular Tile Mate and Tile Pro gadgets, which both cost $24.99 and $34.99 respectively. These are square in shape and quite little. They have a hole in the middle so that you can attach them to things like keys and other small items.

Tile claims that these two have received updates that result in improved reliability and performance, as well as higher volumes and extended ranges. 

The first one is a version with fewer features, while the second one has greater power and is more durable. Both will continue to function normally for an entire year with the changeable battery.

On both the Tile website and on Amazon, customers may purchase each and every item in the Tile collection.

A few weeks ago, we published an article in which we discussed a new device from Apple that will compete with Tile. It will be called Apple Tag, and it will be able to track the location of pretty much anything you attach it to. It will be equipped with Apple’s ultra-wideband U1 locating chip, which is also present in the iPhone 11; this chip may be found in both devices. The tag would interact with the new Find My service through iCloud in order to get the user within inches of the thing they were looking for.

The most recent leak includes a few screenshots of the app, which prove that the Tag is currently being developed and is likely very close to being released to the public. Within the next several months, there is a significant probability that we may witness an official unveiling.

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