Tizen 5.5 User Opinions, Features and Reviews

Tizen 5.5 User Opinions, Features and Reviews

Tizen 5.5 is now accessible to owners of the Active 2 in the United States due to a significant firmware update that is being distributed. While this was happening, Samsung began implementing ECG in the regional market.

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The Active 2 firmware has been updated

In the United States, users can now legally take advantage of some of the Active 2 capabilities that were only hinted at a few weeks ago. Users should prepare themselves to receive additional, comprehensive information regarding their running metrics. This process includes analyzing aspects such as asymmetry, regularity, stiffness, vertical oscillation, and ground contact time. Students ought to be able to avoid getting wounded thanks to all of these different things.

VO2Max will also be made available to those individuals who are in possession of an Active 2 console. The measure is an excellent indicator of the level of physical fitness that an individual possesses at the present time in its current state. In this regard, Samsung is attempting to catch up to the competition, as the vast majority of sports watches already have the ability to do so.

In addition to that, a function for detecting falls is going to be included in the Active 2 later on. The artificial intelligence on the watch will immediately launch an SOS call and send a message to a pre-set emergency contact if it determines that you have suffered a significant slip or fall and that the watch has detected it.

Other changes, such as enhanced alerts, the ability to transmit AR Emoji and Bitmoji, and a lot of other features, have also been incorporated into this update. The entire log may be seen in the screenshot that can be located further down the page. Reddit users have claimed that their watches’ functionality has dramatically improved after the update. Even more outlandish claims have been made, such as “it seems as though I just bought a new watch.”

ECG is added to the Galaxy Watch 3 and Active 2

After upgrading the relevant firmware, the electrocardiogram (ECG) feature seen in Samsung smartphones is now operational. It is now possible for users of the Active 2 and Watch 3 to capture an electrocardiogram using their respective devices. To bring this back into your mind, the firm was approved by the FDA to pursue this endeavor in August.

The Samsung Health monitor application is the most recent piece of software to be added to the watch. At this point, you will be invited to download the ECG Monitor app into the mobile device that you are now using. After everything is accomplished, you will be free to go through with the scheduled ECG. The only prerequisite is that the Galaxy smartphone is running Android 7.0 or a later version and that the wristwatch is connected to the smartphone. It will not work correctly on any other phone brand, so don’t even try to use it on something that isn’t a Samsung.

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The app that you have on your smartphone can be used to get the readings started. Take a seat and make sure your arm is resting on a flat surface before proceeding to the next step of checking the fit of your watch. Place your finger on the stop button, and once the ECG is complete, wait for the screen to clear before moving on. The application will then show you the results after it has finished processing them.

Owners of the Apple Watch 3 now have access to their blood oxygen levels and the data from their electrocardiograms. In addition to measuring respiration and vital signs, sleep tracking has also been upgraded, and it can now track REM cycles.

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