Today is When you are Most Likely to Give Up On Those Fitness Resolutions you Made at the Beginning of the Year

Today is When you are Most Likely to Give Up On Those Fitness Resolutions you Made at the Beginning of the Year

Today is known as “Quitter’s Day” or “Blue Monday,” depending on your preferred term. This is when you are most likely to give up on the fitness resolutions you made at the beginning of the year.

Why? Because it is said that the third Monday of the month, which falls on January 17, 2022, is the day that the Northern Hemisphere experiences the worst weather of the entire year. Conditions outside, the length of time that has passed since Christmas, low levels of motivation, and a host of other things are all contributors. When you factor in the COVID-19 epidemic, you have what is likely to be the most horrible day in recent memory.

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Strava combed through their data a few years ago and discovered that this date coincides with the time of year when we are most likely to abandon our New Year’s resolutions about our health and fitness. They examined approximately 800 million activities all throughout the world, which took a total of about 8 billion miles to complete. The day that they zeroed in on is, in all actuality, pretty much on par with Blue Monday.

According to the findings of other studies, eighty percent of us won’t make it past the middle of February before we revert to our past bad habits. At the end of the day, only 10 percent will be successful.

Consequently, it is understandable. Most of us won’t be able to keep our resolutions for 2022. However, you may take action to improve your chances of success. The mentality of “Ah, screw it!” causes many to cancel or not use their gym subscriptions and some ways to avoid it.

To begin, if you have made the resolution to lose weight and walk more this year, an activity tracker might be an excellent motivation source. The variety of options is greater than ever, and the prices are steadily declining. It might be challenging to determine whether or not you are making progress if you do not receive any form of measurable feedback.

For some people, exercising with a friend or in a group rather than going out alone to do their workout is likely to be more beneficial. When athletes train together, they typically push themselves further and maintain a higher intensity for longer. Sadly, accomplishing it is not that simple at the moment. Therefore, you may want to consider taking a class online instead, such as the one offered by Apple’s fitness program or Wondercise. Simply getting in touch with other people through online platforms like Strava helps with motivation.

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Many of us can maintain our normal activities despite all the difficulties brought on by the pandemic. According to Garmin, the number of activities that were recorded by using Garmin Connect in the year 2021 was the most it has ever been. The number of steps taken by users has increased by 37% compared to the previous year. Trail-running, hiking, swimming, yoga, and pilates also increased considerably. The more varied your workout routine is, the better it will be for you.

Setting goals that can actually be achieved is of the utmost importance. Instead of aimlessly pursuing goals, it is critical to take the time to listen to your body, your physician, and your own common sense. Because your life may take unexpected turns throughout the year, adjusting your fitness goals is preferable rather than giving up completely.

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