Top 8 Athletic Watches for Women

Top 8 Athletic Watches for Women

In the watch industry, men are more targeted than women and more types of features are designed for men than women whereas some brands have finally seen the need for more watches for women that not only have a stylish band but also meet all the needs, look chic, classy and great at the gym and go with all kinds of outfits. Currently, the demand for women’s watches is the need for health features based on women which include fertility tracker, ovulation tracker, and other such health features.

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Garmin Forerunner 55

In the list of best athletic watches for women the Garmin Forerunner 55 beats almost all watches because it’s the best for women who run especially if you are just starting a new running habit. Its design and functions are very similar to 45 but that’s not a bad thing because this version has buttons that are labeled and does not have a touchscreen. The buttons make it easier to use during runs as you can control the watch better with just 5 labeled buttons for quick access to all features. A recently added feature is the feminine health features that help women track their menstrual cycles, it helps them track all kinds of information including the phase of their period, emotions, symptoms, and nutritional advice for different days of their cycle. This all can be checked through the app of the watch called the Garmin Connect app. It is made in such a manner that it can be worn daily with no wear and tear and is even waterproof, comfortable, and super light. And has a total of 5 faces to choose from. All Garmin watches have a GPS feature that is amazing and has the best accuracy any watch could have, this feature is what makes it best for runners especially. The watch also suggests workout routines based on your health data that would be the best suited for you, the workouts are also based in such a way that you reach your daily health goal without overdoing and overtiring your body. The watches also have good safety measures in case of incident detection by the watch it will automatically contact your emergency contact and give them your live tracking. More features in the watch are a heart rate monitor, body battery, and daily step counter that are shown in a bar and show your daily progress and how close or far you are to reaching your daily goal for the day. And how long you need to rest. This version can also track sleep but you cannot check the data on the watch to check the data you will have to use the compatible app for the watch.

Reasons why the Garmin Forerunner 55 is one of the best

-Different watch faces -Long battery life -GPS accuracy  -Safety measures -Custom workouts

Drawbacks of the Garmin Forerunner 55 

-Poor screen res  -Sleep data can only be checked on the app

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Apple SE

Apple SE is one of the most well-priced watches on the market currently with good features for health and fitness but is not the best fitness and chic watch so if sophistication is a key feature for you this watch is not meant for you. If price is a key feature for you in the watch then this may be the watch that’s perfect for you. Apple SE is a decent-priced watch with all the key features one looks for in watches. It has face customization, fall detection, heart monitoring, and sleep data. Most watches since the apple series 3 have been the same hence this watch has a very similar design to the rest of the apple watches and has no major changes in appearance and designs. It has pretty good fitness and health features but is not as good as Sunnto or Garmin does. On the watch, the features and information may look very basic and little but when checked on the iPhone it has very in-depth details and explanations.  The Apple SE has all basic apple features, including receiving and sending messages through the watch instead of the phone and Siri is also available on the watch. Two features missing from the SE are ECG and the blood oxygen sensor. These were kept for series 6 and not SE. These may not be disadvantages or reasons to not buy this watch but it is something one should know about and is worth mentioning.


-Customizable -Good health features -Comfortable -Good fitness features


-Poor battery life -No ECG and blood oxygen monitor

Garmin Vivoactive 4s

The Garmin Vivoactive has a very different approach in the market than most watches do; it has a more traditional-looking watch design with fitness features. Available in 2 sizes 40mm and 45 mm with three color options black, silver and pink but is customizable with interchangeable bands that are available in various color options. The display on this watch is one of its best advantages of this watch as it uses transflective memory in pixels to avoid reflections and also has Gorilla glass 3  The watch has more than 10 health-based features and menstrual cycle tracking is one of them


-Various custom options to make the watch more personal -Durable -Sports features and modes -One of the best fitness tracking devices available 


-Expensive -Weak GPS

Fitbit Sense

Fitbit is another common brand that is famous for athletic watches it is filled with many features for health and fitness features like heart sensors, and ECG and is made particularly to compete with Apple’s products.  It is the smallest watch available on the market; it measures 40.5mm wide and 12.35mm thick. The 1.58-inch OLED display is one of the best and is enclosed in a stainless steel bezel that has sensor electrical connections. The rest of the watch is made of aluminum. The watch comes with two interchangeable silicone straps of two sizes available with quick release holes on the watch. There are various faces available for the app that can be downloaded onto the Fitbit via a phone


  • Alexa is available 

  -Supports other apps  -Most advanced Fitbit

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-No button, only touchscreen

Suunto 9 Baro & Peak 

The Suunto series 9 has a larger size and simple design, it is one of the only watch brands that can actually compete with the apple series 7. But can Suunto actually compete with apple?  Suunto does not look at all like an apple but is following the simple Suunto design for the watch. It is a smartwatch that is better for serious athletic women. It is the smallest and sleekest Suunto version.


  • Durable
  • Different brand materials to choose from
  • Two best models of Sunnto


  • Only compatible with Android
  • One of the most expensive athletic watches for women 

Suunto 7

Is made especially for daily use and wear, it is for adventurous and sporty women with no wear and tear. If the woman is into daily sports and athletic adventures then this watch is perfect for her. It has over 70 sports modes , a heart rate monitor, and a GPS tracker. It has a unique sports model with features especially for calculating accurate training The best part of this watch is that it’s compatible with both android and OS. As of the design and structure of the watch, it is 50mm x 50mm x 15.3mm and is made up completely of steel with a silicone strap with a high Res screen along with scratch-resistant gorilla glass. With high battery life up to 40 hours in smartwatch mode or 12 hours in GPS mode. It also 50ATM water resistance rating


  • High resistant watch

    -  Water-resistant watches for women who swim


- Heavy and not light wear  - Not high battery life

 Apple Watch 7

Apple series 7 is the most waited apple watch because of all the major features and one of the best options for investment purposes It can also track Blood oxygen and ECGs and is a key feature, nobody can beat apple’s technology and user-friendly levels. You can not only track your own fitness goals but also track your friend’s fitness goals and boost each other’s motivation as well. Apple Watch also is durable, the new apple 7 is also crack resistant and strong and made from strong crystals. It is also water-resistant and great for athletes. It is also dustproof The watch has different colors available including green, blue, red, starlight, and midnight. It is also highly customizable, it also is sleek and lightweight. It is minimalistic, and not at all bulky like most traditional watches It has a new screen with better resolution than most apple watches, using smartwatches is pretty hard to understand but the features of the apple watch are very user-friendly and easy for a person to understand the features. The apple watch also makes life easier.


  • Fast charging
  • Large and bright display
  • Many colors to choose
  • Highly customisable


  • Needs more battery life
  • Expensive

Galaxy Watch 4 

The galaxy watch 4 is a new company of smartwatches that people love, this watch isn’t particularly an athletic watch but has a key number of health and fitness features.The watch has activity tracking that includes walking steps, active minutes, and calories burned too. It also goes live notifications at all times and gives advice on what workouts you should do and are tailored to your needs and wants. It also motives you daily to be productive and motives you to get on your toes and stay off your bed and be proactive as a person for your well being without overdoing yourself .They also have many sports modes available including cycling, swimming , running, and rowing, and if connected to the phone have more features available ‘


  • Various modes for sports and fitness
  • Accurate data on all modes 
  • Sleek
  • Aesthetic design


  • Expensive option

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Fitbit charge 5

Fitbit is one of the most renowned brands for athletic watches, it is extremely user-friendly. It also has many options available for example lunar white, steel blue, and black. One of the key features is data insights on sleep, exercise, and heart monitoring. The watch also tracks health information that helps tell the watch to inform you if you should work out or take a rest day. Other health features include blood tracker, oxygen tracker, breathing rates, and hate rates.


Best in this industry Daily data inputs Great range of health trackers


Users need a membership for most features

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