Top Clever Bike Helmets

A typical bike helmet? No way, especially not in this time and age.

Smart helmets are an essential piece of equipment for cyclists looking to improve their journeys. ranging from those that have lights integrated into those that have the capability of monitoring your heart rate. Wearable technology is becoming a new reality in the realm of safety; for example, certain helmets are equipped with the capacity to immediately transmit signals in the event of an emergency.

When compared to other wearable fitness equipment, smart helmets stand out from the crowd because of their capacity to function regardless of whether it is raining, snowing, freezing, or scorching outside while still maintaining their usual level of comfort. In addition to that, they contribute to your safety while driving. Continue reading to learn about a handful of our top picks.

Coros LINX 

This protective headgear is a well-liked option that was developed to meet the needs of cyclists who place an emphasis on safety. We can only hope that this applies to each and every person.

The LINX system employs a mechanism known as bone conduction, which converts sound into vibration and transmits it to the user’s inner ear via the tabs of the helmet strap. Riders are able to listen to music while they are moving, receive phone calls, and interact with other cyclists and motorists using this technology. Maintaining situational awareness when riding requires keeping your ears totally attentive to the noises of the environment around you.

LINX comes included with a smart remote that is positioned on the handlebar, allowing riders to keep their eyes on the road while still having full control over their music and phone calls. An associated smartphone app for iOS and Android is provided so that riders may log their rides.

In addition, the helmet features an emergency notification system as well as a G-sensor. When the Coros helmet sustains an impact, it will send a notification to the emergency contact that you have programmed into it.


The LifeBEAM Smart Helmet is capable of performing a wide variety of functions. It analyses your performance, keeps track of the calories you burn, keeps an eye on your pulse rate, and shields your head in the event that you take a tumble. The device was at first designed to track the physiological parameters of pilots and astronauts; it wasn’t until fairly recently that it became accessible to the general public.

While you are riding, the technology contained within the helmet detects the pulse impulses straight from your forehead. Two light beams are sent over the area to be tested, and the reflection of those beams is recorded in an electro-optical device. A three-dimensional accelerometer records shifts in both direction and speed. After then, algorithms are used to get rid of the ‘noise caused by motion,’ and then they analyze all of the information in real-time.

If you are a rider who monitors your heart rate and you are on the hunt for a new helmet, you should take a serious look at this particular model. Surprisingly, the firm now offers a smart helmet and even a smart face shield for purchase. Although they are probably not designed for cycling, they have all of the sensors that are found on cycling helmets and may be used for other activities.

Livall Bling 

Lival offers a variety of different smart bike helmets for sale.

The Livall Bling BH60SE is the model that represents the brand’s pinnacle. This high-tech helmet has an integrated windbreaker microphone, a three-axis G sensor, a Bluetooth speaker, and LEDs for lighting.

There are stereo Bluetooth loudspeakers as well as a microphone that is resistant to the wind so that you may make hands-free phone calls. You can now relax and enjoy your travel without having to fear that other people won’t be able to get in touch with you. Additionally, any text messages that are sent using the corresponding smartphone app will have the option to have them immediately translated into audio messages. Cyclists are able to communicate with one another when riding in a group thanks to a function called a walkie-talkie.

There are additional safeguards included as well. After the G-sensor determines that an abnormal gravity acceleration has occurred, such as a fall, an SOS signal will be issued to a contact of the user’s choosing or the appropriate authorities. And let’s not forget the headlights for security and sight, including the eight LED rear lights that act as direction indications and the six LED rear lights that provide safety and visibility.

The newest iteration of the MT1 Smart Helmet has just been released by the firm, and if you are an ardent mountain biker, you should check it out. It comes with a variety of useful attachments that, when combined, will make your mountain bike excursions both more enjoyable and safer.

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