Tory Burch has introduced a new line of hybrids, marking her entry into the wearables market

Tory Burch, a well-known name in the world of fashion and accessories, has introduced her very first collection of smartwatches just in time for the holiday shopping season.

The well-known Collins watch, designed by Burch, served as the model for these timepieces. These timepieces have the appearance and operation of a conventional watch while also incorporating some of the capabilities that are characteristic of modern smartwatches. Hybrids, in general, have a more traditional appearance.

However, you shouldn’t anticipate having access to a heart rate monitor or any other advanced vital statistics. This is more about the way things look. The hybrids are designed with leather straps or in stainless steel, and they pair through Bluetooth with both Android and iPhones to provide basic activity monitoring, notifications, and sleep tracking, as well as the option to link to additional applications. In addition to being able to capture images remotely, you can also manage your music and establish personal goals using your smartphone.

Tory Burch, which is a part of the Fossil Group, is not the first fashion designer to enter the market for smartwatches, and it most likely won’t be the last. It joins other brands in the group, such as Mark Jacobs and Kate Spade, in delivering sophisticated ways to keep in touch with people and places.

The water-resistant clock has a rating of 3 ATM and is offered in four unique designs. A single coin-cell battery may power the device for up to four months without needing to be replaced.

The Torytrack hybrid is sold in Tory Burch boutiques as well as department stores and may be purchased online at and in department stores. Prices start at $250 and go up to $295.

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