Trackers for Physical Activity that are Nickel-Free and Designed for Sensitive Skin (2022)

In this post, I will provide you with a list of some of the top fitness trackers that do not contain nickel and that are suitable for those who have skin that is sensitive as of the year 2022.

When they initially became available, fitness trackers were met with an exceptionally positive response. These little devices completely transformed the way people kept track of their exercises and gave rise to the notion of fitness that is driven by data.

Athletes and exercise aficionados began to report good improvements in their routines and health, which led to fitness trackers being all the rage in the fitness scene. [As an example:][As an example:]

In addition to providing ease of use and a modicum of flair, fitness made an effort to provide the most beneficial services possible to customers who placed a premium on their health. Nevertheless, in spite of all of that, there have been a fair number of snags.

The Best Six Activity Trackers that are Nickel-Free and Designed for Sensitive Skin

Sweat has a tendency to gather around the place where the fitness band is secured when it is used during the summer months or when the intensity level of the workout is significantly increased.

In the case of the vast majority of fitness bands, this almost always results in a rash, and even if there isn’t a rash, there is a great deal of chafing, which is quite painful.

Some individuals have sensitivities to certain elements, such as nickel, which may be found in almost all contemporary electronic devices and components.

When shopping for a fitness tracker, those who have sensitive skin also need to be cautious and conduct some research before making a purchase.

Wearing a fitness tracker that clips onto your clothing is an effective option for people who have sensitive skin. Here is a link to my post that discusses the most effective clip-on fitness monitors.

Listed below is a selection of fitness trackers that are suitable for those with sensitive skin.

1.Microsoft Mi Band 6 Fitness Tracker

Xiaomi has made the executive decision to build the most advanced fitness tracker for your ever-expanding child. The superior fitness tracker does not cause any problems when you are enjoying your cheerful wear. Your delicate skin is unlikely to be harmed by its smooth outer surface, which poses a low risk.

The holding armband itself does not include any polymer material that may be harmful or disruptive. More than sixty unique bands are crafted by Xiaomi to complement your own sense of style. Continue to look at the many possibilities that are being shown without being concerned about having an adverse reaction.

Even the clasp on the case is nickel-free, so you won’t have to worry about developing a rash on your wrist from using it. The solution should be as simple as ensuring that there is a little gap between your skin and the metal lid. Despite this, the body can withstand water pressure of up to 5 ATM without suffering any significant harm.

You have the ability to choose one of 100 different faces using the 1.56-inch AMOLED screen. In addition to providing round-the-clock health monitoring, it comes with thirty different pre-installed sports modes. Your life may be sustained by a battery that does not need another recharge for a period of fourteen days.

2. Mi Band 3 Activity Tracker

The Mi Band 3 is an excellent choice for those who are prone to engaging in much more strenuous physical activity during the summer months as well as for individuals who suffer from skin allergies.

This is mostly owing to the fact that this fitness tracker is constructed on a hypoallergenic silicone band, which eliminates the need for stainless steel in the design. Because this prevents screws or bolts from coming into contact with the skin, it is also an excellent solution for people who are allergic to nickel.

The Xiaomi Mi Band can keep track of the things you do during the day, including how well you sleep, how long you walk, how many calories you burn, and how much distance you cover.

You also get a built-in smart alarm that gives you a gentle vibration when it’s time for your workout and reminds you of your sessions.

If you intend to wear your tracker at all times, day and night, it will not become uncomfortable to do so despite its resistance to water, its low weight, or both. Even more amazing is the battery life, which lasts for a full month.

3. Sweat (Moov HR Sweat)

The Moov fitness gear comes with a unique benefit that is included with all of the company’s fitness trackers and is offered to customers.

You are able to get a lot more out of each training session because of the AI coaching that provides you with useful updates and little tidbits of inspiration while you are working out.

The beautiful thing about the Moov HR Sweat fitness tracker is that it comes equipped with Sweatproof PulsevisionTM technology. This technology not only ensures that the fitness tracker is pleasant to wear but also provides you with the most accurate readings.

A fitness strategy that is based on one’s heart rate is the focus of the Moov HR Sweat, and the coaching mechanism ensures that you are informed of your heart rate at the proper intervals.

Using its Optimal Zone recognition function, it tells you to take it easy if it determines that you have exerted too much effort and then gives you permission to give it your all.

It is ideal for high-intensity interval training, and the fact that it is not constructed of any metal or other solid material makes it both pleasant and less likely to cause rashes.

This fitness tracker may be worn comfortably as a headband, and the smart sensor will provide readings that are as precise as they can possibly be based on your activities. It is designed for people who have skin sensitivity difficulties.

It keeps track of your objectives, distance traveled, and the number of calories you burn.

4. Jabra Sports Pulse SE 

Because everyone is used to fitness trackers appearing in the form of wrist-worn bands, this activity tracker is going to first cause a few people to raise their eyebrows.

This fitness tracker takes the form of a set of sports headphones, which minimizes the amount of direct skin contact that you have to endure.

Because of this, chafing is finally reduced, and it also makes the product an excellent find for those whose skin is sensitive.

Even those who are allergic to nickel will find that using this tracker does not cause them any discomfort. You can now obtain the same capabilities as any normal activity tracker, with the additional benefit of being able to listen to your favorite tracks while you work out. This has been possible because of advancements in technology.

In addition to this, it filters out distracting sounds, which results in improved attention and focus. Another cool feature of the Jabra Sports Pulse SE that helps keep you motivated is in-ear coaching and real-time feedback, both of which are provided by the device.

In addition, the Sports Pulse contains an integrated heart rate monitor that analyzes your workout to determine where you are most likely to get the most benefit from increasing your effort level.

The fact that these headphones are both lightweight and quite tight makes working out a pleasure, and the fact that they have a superb fit means that using them is never an inconvenience.

5. The Misfit Wearables Flash

The very well-liked Misfit Shine has a sibling in the form of the Misfit Flash. The Flash has a plastic casing as opposed to an aluminum body, which is the primary distinguishing feature between the two versions.

People who have sensitive skin or allergies to metals tend to give this product positive feedback, and the plastic cover contributes to the product’s lower price compared to the Shine.

6. Fitness and Wellness Tracker Fitbit Luxe

With the Luxe, Fitbit accomplished the goal of bringing luxury and health into the realm of fitness. The classic tracker is ready to suit any and all of the outfits you may ever wear. You won’t even feel the least bit of irritation on your skin as you effortlessly continue to monitor your health activities.

The nickel coating that may be irritating to the skin is absent from the polished stainless steel. Simply allowing some of the air to circulate through the contact sites at regular intervals will do the trick. You shouldn’t feel anything at all on your wrists while you work to keep the shiny steel lid clean, dry, and clear.

In the meantime, the jewelry-like bracelet design does not include any components that might cause allergic reactions. Therefore, there is no possible reason for the skin-friendly wristbands to cause you to develop a rash in any way. Tracking all of your vital stats will take your wellness-focused exercises to the next level.

You may check your general health state using the dashboard that is embedded into the screen. You will need to pair the tracker with your smartphone in order to utilize the GPS and any other functionalities that rely on connection. In addition, the strong battery that is already integrated into the device ought to keep it operational for a period of five days in a row.

Is There a Fitbit Model That Does Not Contain Nickel?

This is a subject that is asked very often, and the answer is that all Fitbit devices do, in fact, contain trace amounts of nickel.

You may examine the material information on the online Product Manual to learn more about the nickel, which may be located on the frame, the strap, or the buckle.

In the product handbook for the Inspire HR, the following is an example of a statement that may be found:

Plastic is used for the housing of the Inspire HR. The clasp on the Inspire HR traditional wristband is made of anodized aluminum, and the wristband itself is composed of a quality, soft silicone that is comparable to the silicone found in many sports watches. While anodized aluminum can contain traces of nickel, which can cause an allergic reaction in someone who is nickel sensitive, the amount of nickel in all Fitbit products satisfies the stringent Nickel Directive of the European Union. Another solution that many people are reporting to be helpful is to use a strip of microfiber cloth or plaster on the metal part so that it does not come into contact with the skin.

Questions That Are Typically Responded To [FAQs]

Do Smartwatches Involve Nickel in Any Way?

The exterior of Apple smartwatches does contain a trace amount of nickel. On the other hand, Samsung was unable to provide a percentage on the surface.

Why am I breaking out when I wear my smartwatch?

On the surface of many different types of wearables, nickel and polymers may cause allergic reactions in certain people. And it’s possible that your skin may develop an allergic contact dermatitis or a watch rash.

Which Activity Tracker Is the Most Reliable?

The quantity of radiation that is emitted by fitness trackers is insignificant and not cause for alarm. Additionally, fitness trackers such as Fitbit, Xiaomi, and Garmin are especially risk-free.

What Can I Do About This Rash That My Fitbit Caused?

Answer: To alleviate the rash, remove the smartwatch from your wrist for a few days. Always make sure the surface that makes contact is dry and clean, and avoid wearing it too tightly.


There is no longer a need to feel angry about wearables since they no longer produce rashes on your wrist. However, since your skin is so sensitive, you may still notice some minor problems at first.

Even the companies that make the products are making frantic efforts to get rid of the components that cause the problems.

You should make your priority something that is beneficial rather than something that is popular. Remember to get in touch with the retailer or the manufacturer to find out about any potentially allergenic ingredients.

I really hope that I was able to help you locate fitness trackers that do not contain nickel, and that in the future, those of us who have sensitive skin will be able to reap the advantages of using amazing technology like this.

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