Trackers for Swimming that Won't Bust Your Budget

Trackers for Swimming that Won't Bust Your Budget

When it comes to all of the different kinds of gizmos and gadgets available to us, the rapid pace at which modern technology is developing means that we are becoming increasingly spoiled for choice. The use of activity trackers has exploded in popularity among people who are serious about their health and fitness, and swimmers are no exception. Regrettably, a lot of these tools come at a quite hefty price tag.

You just need to know where to look in order to find amazing activity trackers that do not cost an arm and a leg. The good news is that you can find these trackers. If you are looking for something that monitors the fundamentals in the water, one of these gadgets may be able to fulfill your needs.

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Fitbit Flex 2

The Flex 2 is the thinnest tracker that Fitbit has ever produced, and it is also water resistant, which is a first for the company’s products.

The device is 30% smaller than the model it replaces and includes a core unit that can be removed as well as seven different colors of slim, traditional fitness bands that can be interchanged.A simple LED display with color-coded lights that show your progress toward your daily goal and let you know when calls or texts come in helps you stay in touch.

First and foremost, this is Fitbit’s first wristband that can be worn while swimming. The device is water-resistant up to 50 meters, so you can wear it in the shower, pool, or ocean without worrying about damaging it. The Fitbit app will automatically keep track of how many laps you swim, how long you swim for, and how many calories you burn.

The Polar Loop

Another alternative that won’t break the bank is Polar Loop. The screen of the device is made up of 85 LED lights that are each positioned in their own separate locations. It is able to display just the right quantity of easily readable statistics and updates.

Loop is active seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, and is always monitoring any activity you engage in. This includes monitoring when you are sleeping. It not only monitors the number of steps you take and the calories you burn, but it also monitors the amount of time you spend sitting and relaxing.

You will not get any advanced swimming metrics from the device. However, it does measure the number of calories you burn. Additionally, the Polar H7 chest strap is water-resistant, so you can monitor your heart rate even when you are swimming.

The device is a straightforward activity tracker that excels at performing the duties for which it was developed. Therefore, the activity tracker will count everything as long as you are standing up and moving around.

Moov Now

The Moov Now has been dubbed a wearable audio coach, and at first glance, it appears to have an extremely unique appearance. Simply said, if you picture a plain black watch with a few holes in it, that is what you will get. Nonetheless, the overall appearance is one that is quite successful.

This tracker keeps tabs on your progress, guides you through your workouts in real time, can withstand being submerged in water, and has a battery life of more than six months on a single charge.

Moov incorporates a 9-axis motion detection system, allowing you to monitor your mobility in three dimensions. You may wear it on either your ankle or your wrist, and thanks to the one-of-a-kind design, the device is breathable, so even if you sweat, your life will be far more pleasant with it.

Your lap times, number of laps, pace, stroke rate, length, flip/turn time, swim duration, fastest 100 meters/yards, interval times, and total amount of calories burned may all be detected by the Moov Now while you are swimming in a pool. It will automatically recognize the different strokes you use, such as the breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly.

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Shine on, Speedo

The Speedo Shine wearable from Misfit allows you to set your own objectives. It has a battery life of six months, it measures steps, distance, and calories, and it is water resistant up to fifty meters.

The device is worn on the wrist and can record both the total distance swum and the number of laps completed, irrespective of the swimming stroke used. It works with the Misfit app for iOS and Android devices and shows you how many laps you’ve done, how far you’ve swum, how many calories you’ve burned, and how many points you’ve earned.

You are able to monitor numerous different sports with this device, and when you are not putting in significant effort, it can serve as a watch for you. Speedo Shine captures everyone’s attention because of its dozen little LEDs.

Nokia Go

This is a lovely wearable that squarely falls into the category of affordable fitness trackers. It is a wonderful small device. It is clear that the circular device was made to help as many people as possible keep track of their activities.

The Nokia Go has a screen made of E-Ink that can be read in direct sunlight, displays information about recent activities, and can behave as a watch when requested. Even if it is on all the time, the E-Ink screen does not cause the battery to run down, which is a significant innovation brought about by this technology.

Walking, running, swimming, and sleeping are just some of the activities that can be automatically tracked and recognized around the clock, along with a wide range of other day-to-day pursuits. During the night, Go is able to differentiate between light and deep sleep cycles, providing you with a more in-depth understanding of your sleeping patterns.

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Overall, this is a really appealing budget tracker that has been created in such a way that it only needs your passive attention and not your active focus. Put it on, and don’t worry about it again.

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