Trick of the week: how to do a diagnostic test on your Android without installing apps or root

Either because our mobile phone is a few years old or because we have acquired a second-hand device thanks to a bargain found on the Internet, it is convenient to perform a diagnostic test to know the status of the terminal .

What allows the diagnostic tests, is to find out what our smartphone is in, and all this in a simple and quite fast way. Thanks to these tests, we can know if our device has any error in the battery or even know its usage statistics , something that can be very useful depending on the case.

Unfortunately, there is not much information about this tool and manufacturers do not usually provide their activation code. However, to perform a diagnosis on our Android device we will not need to be root or install third-party applications , since initially all mobile phones have the possibility of doing this test in an integrated way.

How to do a diagnostic test on your Android terminal

There are two very simple ways to access the diagnostic tool in an Android terminal. To do this, we only have to access the dialing application of our device and enter one of the following codes so that this hidden function is automatically unlocked.

Hidden Diagnostic Menu

Entering * # 0 * # we will access the diagnostic menu : With this command we can access the full diagnostic menu. Unfortunately, not all Android terminals are compatible, so we may not get anything when entering the previous characters.

Now, if our device has this function, we will access a menu that offers a series of tests to verify the status and performance of our mobile device , such as the status of the screen, cameras and even buttons physicists

Usage information menu:

Entering * # * # 4636 # * # * we will access the usage information menu : This menu is available on most devices and surely between the two commands provided, this is the one that works on a larger number of smartphones. More limited than the previous one, thanks to this tool we will be able to access the phone’s usage history, know the battery status and even check the Wi-Fi quality as well as other basic device information.

As we can see, this tool is a very simple way to know the status of our Android phones, and all this without having to install applications or root the terminal .

The diagnostic tests are more useful than they seem and are the best way to know what are the causes of why our phone is slower than normal or if in fact that brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 that we have found “totally new” in A second-hand market, whether or not it has been used by its former owner.

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