Try the great redesign of Poweramp, the best music player for Android

At the end of last March, we anticipate that Poweramp, one of the best, but the best music player available on Android , was about to receive the biggest update in its history, with a huge redesign that would completely change the interface of which, today, is the player used by most users who still bet on having their music in local format

Well, today, finally, all those who want to try a preview of the new and spectacular design of the music player, can already do so thanks to the first preliminary version that has been shared through the official Poweramp forum.

How to test the latest version of Poweramp with brand new design

Since the publication of the official Poweramp forum , they have decided to offer users the chance to try this version 3 of the player, whose main asset is the complete redesign that the application receives . However, the moderator responsible for announcing the arrival of the new version, ensures that it is a beta not intended for use on a day-to-day basis, since its stability does not live up to the stable variant available through Google Play.

Anyway, beyond providing the executable APK file to test the new version, Poweramp offers a list of changes - incomplete - with the most important news of this update:

  • New interface
  • New navigation system:
    • Swipe or tap on the album cover to go to the current playlist
    • Swipe right or left on the cover to switch songs.
    • Use the lower mini player to return to the main screen or to change songs.
    • Swipe right or left to return quickly.
    • Pinch-to-zoom in lists.
    • And much more.
  • New menus, panels, popup ads, dialogues, etc.
  • New search bar “wave”.
  • New display panel
  • New notifications depending on the Android version.
  • Hi-Res (Exp) Output updated for Android 7.0 (currently not working with Android 8)
  • New OpenSL HD Output for Android 8.0.

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