Unimat: This innovative smart exercise mat will enhance your workouts


Unimat is a smart fitness mat that was developed by a Chinese instructor from Ukraine. The device will teach you new abilities and keep track of your progress, whether you choose yoga, zumba, agility drills, functional, cardio, or core training.

Before connecting the mat to the control box, users are instructed to select a training programme and ability level.The device has a height-adjustable stand on which you can rest your phone to make it easier to follow instructions.

It operates on a principle that is similar to a game. Just follow the variously coloured lights woven into the mat. These direct your actions. Your movements are recognised by the touch recognition system, which then lights up when you take the next step.

There is also a Pro version that is more sophisticated and has built-in pressure sensors. Your reps, sets, time, power, and volume are all automatically recorded by Unimate thanks to this. In addition to goal-based programmes and hundreds of exercises, your progress is shown in the companion smartphone app.

Unimat will make your workouts more effective and fun, regardless of whether your goals are to grow strength, increase agility, or reduce weight. The mat is incredibly portable and only weighs about 2 kg. It also folds up well. It has a strap, so you can carry it easily by slinging it over your shoulder. The average battery life between charges is 10 hours.

There isn’t a finished product yet; there is merely a working demo. However, the business has just resorted to Indiegogo to help bring Unimat to life. They should be able to generate enough money with one month left in their campaign.

Prices start at £248 and go up from there.


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