USA Cycling has formed a partnership with the cognitive-training company Halo Sport

The United States Cycling Association has formed a partnership with the Halo Sport brain stimulation technology company. Athletes competing for the national team in BMX, cyclocross, mountain biking, road racing, and track will now have access to the headphones, which are designed to improve athletic performance. This is the latest link between Halo Neuroscience and groups like the San Francisco Giants, the United States Ski Team, the University of North Carolina Basketball Team, and the United States Naval Special Warfare.

According to Scott Schnitzspahn, who is the Vice President of Elite Athletics at USA Cycling, “We are looking forward to offering Halo Sport as a training tool for our national team.” At the greatest levels of our sport, the difference between finishing on the podium and standing atop it can be as little as tenths or even one hundredth of a second. The agreement will make it possible for us to investigate how the use of this technology can improve our athletes’ chances of winning a medal at the Olympics or the World Championships.

The most productive and efficient exercises for athletes are powered by Halo Sport, which employs bursts of energy to stimulate the brain. This process is known as “neuropriming.”

It does this by sending pulses of energy to the motor cortex, which improves the brain’s response to training and, in essence, puts the brain into a temporary condition of “hyperlearning.” With the help of Halo Sport and resistance training, you can improve your strength, explosiveness, and dexterity more quickly.

The device is able to communicate with an application on a user’s smartphone, allowing for the creation of individualized workout plans. You can also connect the headset to your smartphone via Bluetooth to listen to your favorite music while on the go.

Before recently, only professional athletes could use the equipment (view on Amazon).

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