Users of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 in Europe Can now Get Tizen 5.5

Users of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 in Europe Can now Get Tizen 5.5

Users of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 users in Europe are currently receiving a big firmware upgrade as it makes its way through the region. It has been reported by users in the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and other countries that it has arrived. This upgrade to the software is identical to one that was made available in the United States later in the month of September.

The update adds additional features to the gadget that improve its connectivity as well as its fitness and health capabilities. This version is called R825FXXU1BtI9, and it has the One UI Version 2.0 and Tizen Version

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Conditioning and Well-being

To begin, Active 2 will now provide more in-depth metrics regarding its performance. Analyses of asymmetry, regularity, stiffness, vertical oscillation, and ground contact time are included here. Given that this isn’t the kinds of data you’d anticipate from a wrist-based monitor, the list seems to have some fairly impressive items on it. Running pods are where you are most likely to pick them up, and they have the potential to be helpful in enhancing your running form and lowering your risk of injury.

In addition to this, users will also receive an estimated score for their VO2max. In contrast to the examples given above, Samsung is a little bit late to the party when it comes to this particular feature, as the majority of sports watches already have it. It is a great way to figure out how fit someone is because it gives you an idea of how much oxygen your body can use when you are active and how much oxygen it can use when you are resting. 

The ability to recognize when someone has fallen is a new health-related function. The Smartwatches, made popular by the Apple Watch, now monitors your movement to see whether you slip or fall. After that, an option to send an SOS notification to up to four people who you have already designated as emergency contacts will be presented to you.

Connectivity in Addition to Other Features

Other enhancements have to do with the addition of intelligent features. You will now be able to view notifications, conversation history, emoticons, and photographs immediately on your wrist. In addition, you will have the ability to read them. You can put down your smartphone and stop reaching for it now.

Smart Reply is a feature that will make it easier for you to respond to texts by generating a few recommended responses for texts and photographs. The latter makes use of artificial intelligence-based photo recognition technologies.

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The last add-on enables you to have a greater amount of control over your mobile phone using your wrist. There are features that provide you with rapid access to your phone’s playlist, a feature that supports the scroll caption, and other features as well.

On Samsung’s website, you can find out more about the new features.

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