Users Of The Huawei Health App Were Prompted To Reinstall The Program After A Flaw Was Discovered In The App

Users Of The Huawei Health App Were Prompted To Reinstall The Program After A Flaw Was Discovered In The App

Concerned customers of Huawei wearables have taken their complaints about the Huawei Health app to various online communities. It has been advised that the program should be reinstalled, but this time via the AppGallery.

The firm, which is headquartered in Shenzhen, is known for producing a variety of wearables. This includes the well-known Huawei band variety as well as the Honor band, in addition to a selection of other smartwatches. The Watch GT2e is the most current model. It also has a brand new function that monitors your blood oxygen levels and has a rather athletic appearance.

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Nevertheless, it seems that there is an issue with the mobile application that these wearables connect to. On the official Huawei forum, a great number of users have voiced their dissatisfaction with the fact that the Health app does not function properly. Other brands of smartphones will not be able to communicate with Huawei wearables without the necessary software.

The moderators of the forum have determined that the most effective solution is to uninstall the program from the smartphone and then reinstall it. However, this can only be accomplished via the Huawei App Gallery, so downloading and installing it will also be required.

For the benefit of those who aren’t aware, this is the official distribution platform for the firm. It provides access to a vast library of Android applications that have been “carefully chosen.” In addition to that, there is something that Huawei refers to as a “quad-layer security process that involves human inspections.”

The App Gallery was initiated in the year 2019 after the Chinese company had been cut off from receiving help from Google due to the trade restriction. It is an alternative to downloading apps from the Google Play Store. It is believed that there are 400 million users on the network now.

The Google Play App Store and Google Mobile Services are no longer included on any of Huawei’s newest smartphones (GMS). The App Gallery, which is sponsored by Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), is instead pre-installed on their devices.

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In recent days, those who use phones manufactured by Samsung, OnePlus, and Google Pixel have been among those who have reported experiencing problems. It seems that Huawei has made it essential to install the Huawei Health app on its proprietary platform in order for Huawei wearables to operate with other phones. This was done in order to protect Huawei’s market share.

Those who believe in conspiracies can speculate that the firm is acting in this manner on purpose in order to increase the number of people using its AppGallery. Regardless of whether or not that is the case, customers who use Huawei wearables but have smartphones from a different brand will soon be obliged to download the company’s services.

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