Utilize the new Garmin Connect IQ to access apps, data fields, and more


To enable customers to customize their wearables and cycle computers, Garmin has released a separate app. For your Garmin device, Connect IQ makes it much simpler to manage, find, and download apps, widgets, watch faces, and data fields.

The programme has the appearance and features of a “conventional” App Store. You are given a main dashboard that allows you to extend several categories. These consist of a variety of features such as Navigate Your World, Digital Watch Faces, Performance Metrics, Analog Watch Faces, Training Metrics, Fun Watch Faces, Having Fun, Weather at a Glance, Active Lifestyle Apps, and much more.

You can select from a pull-down menu that includes All, Watch Faces, Device Apps, Data Fields, and Widgets. You can access the most popular software in the selected section, a list of recent additions, and ratings rankings by tapping on any of these.

The new Garmin Connect IQ app offers apps, data fields, and more.

You can manage your gadgets via the app as well. Everything installed on your Garmin cycling computer or wearable will show up in Connect IQ.

Then, you may manage, remove, or add objects, as well as check how much storage is still available. Everything is simple because downloads are automatically transmitted from the app to the device. Never even venture outside of Connect IQ.

The new Garmin Connect IQ app offers apps, data fields, and more.

According to AD Garmin, Face It! integration has also been implemented. Users can use their own photos to create unique smartwatch faces thanks to this.

According to Dan Bartel, vice president of global consumer sales at Garmin, “Connect IQ is ever-expanding in growth and popularity, and we’re delighted to expedite the process of how our consumers browse, download, and manage their content.”

“The new software makes it easier than ever for customers to add individuality and personalised functionality to their device,” says Connect IQ.

We commend Garmin for choosing this path. Although Garmin Connect is developing into a respectable software platform, it has always been difficult to handle apps, watch faces, and data fields. Connect IQ makes the procedure incredibly simple with its simple UI and easy navigation.

At its three-day Connect IQ Developer Summit in Kansas, which ends today, Garmin unveiled the new app. The Connect IQ app is currently available for both Apple and Android devices.


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