UVGLO Sterilizer User Opinions and Reviews

UVGLO Sterilizer User Opinions and Reviews

Your electronic devices are among the items in your home that harbor the highest number of germs. Before utilizing the keyboard or going for that smartphone, TV remote, bedside lamp, or light switch, it is a good idea to give some serious consideration to what you are about to do. These voids have the potential to become populated with communities of minuscule creepy crawlies.

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Because of this, it is important to clean and disinfect your belongings on a regular basis. But unfortunately, you can’t take your cleaning supplies with you everywhere you go. To this point,

The UVGLO is a portable sterilizer that can be used with both Apple and Android cellphones. It is smaller and lighter than a USB stick. This compact device employs ultraviolet light emitting diodes (LEDs) to sterilize any surface by obliterating viruses, germs, bacteria, molds, and fungi, as well as allergens. UVGLO can make UV-C light, which can get through the thin walls of microscopic organisms and kill them or stop them from reproducing.

Plug the little device into your smartphone, and then wave the light above the area you want to sterilize. It’s as easy as that! In a few moments, it will carry out its function. It operates without the need for a charge and is extremely compact, making it simple to carry in a pocket or purse.

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UVGLO can be utilized to clean any surface or object, regardless of its composition. There is also a scientific basis behind it. Researchers have shown that exposing anything to UV-C light is an effective method of disinfection. In addition, it does not leave any harmful chemical residue because it does not include any chemicals.

Only $15 will be required for a single purchase of this item. The price for a pack of three is $33. It is anticipated that backers on Kickstarter will receive their rewards around March.

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