Vi's New App Aims to Add Some Fun Competition to Your Workout Regimen

Torch is a brand new, completely free app that was developed by Vi with the intention of making your workouts more fun. The beta version of the software is now available to the general public.

The biometric headphones are the company’s flagship product, and they are designed to boost your performance while running, cycling, and working out. They monitor your heart rate, cadence, and pace, and they can connect to GPS to provide you with a comprehensive picture of your exercise session. All of this is told through the beautiful sound that a Harman Kardon system makes.

According to our analysis, the Vi Wireless Headphones provide sound instruction on how to enhance one’s running form in order to lessen the likelihood of suffering an injury. However, the most essential aspect is that this is most likely the first voice assistant that we’ve used that is truly enjoyable to communicate with.

In an effort to broaden the app’s functionality, the firm has, during the course of its existence, organized a number of Virtual Races, which the community has shown to enjoy participating in. They are now enhancing the overall experience with a brand new piece of software that is available for free and is named Torch.

By transforming activities like walking or jogging into competitive online games, the program makes working out far more entertaining. During the course of the game, your body will produce a certain amount of energy, which will be represented by your “Power Score.” Everything about this is tailored to the individual depending on a variety of criteria, including height, weight, age, gender, terrain, weather, and more. After that, you will compete against other gamers from across the world who are on the same level as you.

Each of the battles lasts for twenty-five minutes, during which time you can advance through the various stages, climb the leaderboards, and increase your Power Score. You may also compete against your friends to accumulate points. Plus, you never lose. Even if you don’t end up getting any points, working out and burning off those extra calories can help you get in better shape.

The software is currently in the beta stage, but everyone who registers on this page will have access to download it.

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