Vivo Watch User Opinions, Features and Reviews

Vivo Watch User Opinions, Features and Reviews

Vivo has at long last revealed to the world its very first smartwatch, which has been the subject of a significant amount of expectation. The product is offered in two distinct sizes and comes with a wide choice of different kinds of fitness sensors. Both sizes are available to purchase.

The Chinese company Vivo Communication Technology is in the business of producing mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, and mobile phone software. BKK Electronics, the same firm that manufactures Oppo, Realme, and One Plus smartphones, is the owner and operator of this business.

They have been in business for somewhat longer than ten years at this point. At the moment, the business is positioned within the top 10 of the most significant smartphone makers around the entire globe. It is possible to trace its roots back to the language of Esperanto, and the word itself translates to “Life” in that language.

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Vivo is now investigating several opportunities that could allow it to extend the variety of items it sells. Expanding into the wearables market is the company’s next logical move, following in the footsteps of Oppo and Realme. Both Realme and Oppo have recently introduced their first iterations of their respective fitness trackers and smartwatches, with Realme having done so only recently. Vivo must now take action; the time is now.

Vivo Watch – design

The company announced earlier today that they would be releasing an official promotional film for the Vivo Watch, which can be found further down on this page. Therefore, we were ready for whatever might come our way. To begin, the dial can be either 42 millimeters or 46 millimeters in diameter. Both of these sizes are accessible.

The gadget is spherical in shape and constructed out of 316L stainless steel. It also features two tactile buttons located on one of the device’s sides. In addition to this, it radiates an aura that is both athletic and assured. It might fool you into thinking it’s a Garmin, Samsung, or LG smartwatch, but in reality, it’s nothing like the fake Apple Watches that have been circulating in recent years.

A separate section is dedicated to the discussion of the bezel. It looks like it was made out of high-precision ceramics, and it took around two months to finish. Throughout the entirety of the process, the temperature of the steel is maintained at 1400 degrees Celsius. Consequently, the material possesses a degree of abrasion resistance that is considered superior to that of stainless steel.

On the underside of the body of this somewhat large device is where the sensors are located, while the sides of the entire device contain a chronograph that goes all the way around it. In addition, a quick-release mechanism may be selected as an alternative for both the leather and the fluoro rubber straps.

The model that is 46 millimeters longer and 46 millimeters broader has a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 454 by 454, and it weighs 46 millimeters more than the standard model. The AMOLED display on the 42mm model has a resolution of 390 by 390 pixels and measures 1.19 inches diagonally.

Regarding the straps, nappa leather and fluoroelastomer are the two materials that can be selected from among the available options. According to Vivo, the leather strap is fashioned from the skin of a bull’s skull, which purportedly gives a natural texture and smoothness. This information comes from the company’s website.

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Additional details, including costs and availability

When it comes to the internal specifications, there is something called the standard gamut. This particular gamut includes a geomagnetism sensor, an accelerometer, an air pressure sensor, a heart rate sensor, a pulse oxygen sensor, and an ambient light sensor. Additionally, there is satellite positioning, which is compatible with four different global positioning systems, including Beidou. These systems include GPS and GLONASS.

These sensors appear to be of high quality, and when combined, they give clients the capacity to monitor 11 unique types of sports, such as running, cycling, mountaineering, and many others. Swimming is another alternative that may be pursued thanks to the suit’s water resistance rating of 5 ATM.

Other features include support for the playback of music, remote control for the camera, Near Field Communication (NFC), which enables mobile payments, the JOVI voice assistant, and support for music playback.

Vivo effectively designed its very own user experience from the ground up, on top of Google’s Android operating system, which is used as a foundation. The platform being utilized is the organization’s own proprietary operating system known as FunTouch. Some individuals held the preconceived concept that WearOS would power the watch, and while this was only partially erroneous, these individuals nonetheless held it.

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The battery that comes with the 46mm model has a capacity of 478 mAh and is able to supply power to the gadget for up to 18 days straight without being recharged. The 42mm variant can house a battery with a capacity of 226 mAh, which is adequate for approximately one-half as much.

It would appear that a new smartphone manufacturer has made some kind of foray into the market for smartwatches. Both Xiaomi and Oppo have implemented this change throughout the course of the most recent few months. The watch will be available for purchase in China beginning on September 28 at a starting price of 1,299 yuan, which is equivalent to approximately 190 dollars USD for the 46mm form. Regarding the availability in other nations, there has been no notification made.

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