Wahoo Reduces The Size of the TICKR and TICKR X and Adds Additional Features

Wahoo Reduces The Size of the TICKR and TICKR X and Adds Additional Features

Today marks the official debut of Wahoo’s newest TICKR and TICKR X fitness trackers. A concise rundown of the new features included in both packages can be found here.

Both the TICKR and the TICKR X have undergone a makeover to give them a more streamlined appearance and to improve their functioning. According to Wahoo, their chest straps are now the lightest available on the market, weighing in at just 48 grams each. In case you were wondering, there is the pod along with the strap that is attached to it.

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The primary component has been streamlined and now has LED lights that are easily visible since they are located on the top. A user needs only to cast a quick look below to ascertain at any given moment whether or not the chest strap is properly attached and monitored. The whole idea has been rethought so that it may be worn more discreetly against the chest and remain in place better when the wearer is working out.

In terms of their functionality, the chest straps may now be paired with several devices all at once by using up to three separate Bluetooth and ANT+ connections simultaneously. The chest straps now have 500-hour battery life on a single cell, thanks to a roughly 50% increase in battery life over before.

As was the case in the past, TICKR X comes with a few extras. The more expensive variant includes real-time running dynamics that can be broadcast by Bluetooth or ANT+ to devices that are compatible with either of those technologies. Consequently, data on your cadence, vertical oscillation, and ground contact time may be sent to smartwatches and seen by the wearer while they are out.

Wahoo also provides a number that it refers to as the “Running Smoothness score.” You can find this measure in the Wahoo Fitness app, and it will help you improve both the efficiency of your running and the form that you use.

Last but not least, the TICKR X comes with an internal memory that retains exercise data. This means that a smartphone is not required to use the device, which is very much appreciated. The data from your workouts may be stored here for up to 50 hours between syncs.

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In general, both the TICKR and the TICKR X have received some very welcome improvements.

  • With the ANT+ pod, which is now 10% thinner, you can connect up to three Bluetooth devices at the same time.
  • redesigned shoulder strap with an integrated pod design to provide the highest possible level of comfort.
  • For more reliable synchronization, the LEDs have been relocated to the top of the body.
  • Battery life has been extended to five hundred hours (up from 350 hours).


  • Run Dynamics were broadcast to smartwatches that were compatible with ANT+.
  • The capacity of the device’s internal memory was increased to 50 hours of data (up from 16 hours).


  • colorway, known as stealth grey,

Starting today, the brand new TICKR and TICKR X may be purchased by customers. You may purchase them at certain merchants and on the website Wahoofitness.com. The first one will cost you $49.99, while the second one will set you back $79.99.

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Katie DuPree, who is in charge of product management at Wahoo, said that “We’ve overhauled the TICKR and TICKR X to provide consumers with class-leading capability in a design that is easy to use and incredibly comfortable to wear.” Both of these features can be found in the TICKR and TICKR X.

The company says on its website that “TICKR and TICKR X revolutionize what you expect from a heart rate monitor by giving unsurpassed power, comfort, and simplicity.” “Whether you’re on a brief lunch ride or running a marathon, TICKR and TICKR X are with you every step of the way.”

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