What are Android Instant Apps and why you should try them

Just a few days ago we attended the presentation of the new version of the Google operating system, an update that had us all attentive to know what the final name would be, and finally we met it, Android 8.0 Oreo is already among us.

However, we will go back to last year, specifically to the month of May. The month in which Google decided to present a very interesting tool called Instant Apps , have you heard of them? If not, do not worry, that’s what we are for, to give you all the information we know, let’s go there!

What are Android Instant Apps?

It is a new technology that allows you to run applications on our Android mobile or tablet without installing them , how do you say? Yes, in addition we will not spend hardly any resources or internal storage , so it is a tool that we should all try now.

This type of applications can be opened through web links , with this the user has the possibility to view these apps before downloading them, in order to get an idea of ??whether it is worth installing them or not.

Why do I have to try them? Let’s see, you are not obliged to do so, that was missing. But it is a recommendation that we make personally, since we think that any user may like the fact of accessing certain applications without installing them or spending resources, is not it?

Some companies have already been successful in developing and publishing these Android Instant Apps, such as Vimeo , the streaming video service, or Jet , which offers us a shopping platform. We do not say that this has been a blow, it is more, there are more than 500 million devices available for instant applications , are you going to stay without trying them?

We are going to show you how you can try them in case you are lucky. We can’t make it easier for you, so be very attentive.

  • The first thing we should do is access the settings of our Google account.
  • Once inside, we look for the option “Instant Applications” and click on it.
  • As a last step we must activate the switch and we can already test the instant applications on our Android.

Now we just have to access a web page that is compatible with Android Instant Apps and start using them.

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