What are Ergogenic Aids In Sport?

The ergogenic aids have become a complement to the diet of many athletes. Due to the physical wear and tear they suffer during physical activity, these nutritional needs improve energy production and human performance. In this blog we explain what they are for and what types of ergogenic aids exist. Do not miss it!

What are ergogenic aids?

Ergogenic aids are nutritional dietary supplements with the aim of improving the performance of an athlete. However, its application must be controlled by specialists and professionals in the field. That is, the doses selected must be appropriate according to the type of activity and in order to improve sports performance. If not implemented correctly, they can become ineffective or even harmful to health.

What are the benefits of support substances for the athlete?

The method of applying nutritional supplements allows to improve both physical and mental qualities. For instance:

  • Improves work capacity, energy production and competitive attitude.
  • Do prolonged activities and workouts.
  • Accelerates recovery processes.
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and fatigue.
  • Reduces tremors.
  • Control weight and increased aggressiveness.
  • Orientates muscle mass and corrects body mass.

What types of ergogenic aids are there?

Water and carbohydrate replacement are the ergogenic aids par excellence so far. It is recommended to hydrate during and after exercising, but always considering the established guidelines regarding volume, characteristics of the test, etc. It also happens with the intake of carbohydrates. These are the energy base of metabolism and an ideal energy tool for weight gain and / or energy training.

However, there are many more force-generating substances :

Vitamins and minerals

Both vitamins and minerals are clearly necessary in athletes. Calcium, together with Magnesium, control muscle contraction and relaxation mechanisms. Sodium and Potassium regulate water and blood pressure. Vitamin B helps in the energetic processes of metabolism and in the absorption of nutrients. Vitamins C and E strengthen the immune system, improve respiration and enhance performance during physical exercise.


Creatine allows you to recover more quickly between sets of strength exercises. In this way, the athlete can increase the intensity of the workouts. It is also used for muscle contraction, to increase speed and anaerobic power, improve recovery times between exercises and the home stretch in high intensity exercises.


Caffeine acts on the nervous system, improving resistance to fatigue. In addition, it stimulates lipolysis, that is, the burning of fats. However, it is a factor to consider due to its diuretic power. Well, the loss of fluid is related to dehydration and, at the same time, with the loss of performance.

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