The hen is associated with cowardice. Cowardly people to offend are told that they are "chicken." This adjective is offensive and nobody likes to be called this way. Hen equals coward. However, this dream is not related to this, its best interpretation is to say that it refers to the environment where the dreamer is. It is the way in which life is appreciated from there, where it is.

The hen is associated with the nest and the nest with the family. This dream invites you to see yourself internally with your close relatives. Review how your relationships are, cultivate positive ones and separate yourself from negative ones.

Chickens are very calm domestic animals, therefore your personality has that marked tendency. By tradition, chickens are kept in hatcheries to take advantage of them. This dream also symbolizes the defense that you put before the unjust and the confinement. You are docile and therefore they should not abuse you.

Let's see some interpretations that will surely adapt to your dreams with this bird.

You and the chickens 

Dream about hen in our kennel

You are a person who lacks nothing, you have immense potential for work and therefore, you will not lack anything. Abundance is with you. You are smart to put together excellent strategies to carry out multiple activities very well and that all come out to ask for. That quality assures you a lot in all contexts. Keep your esteem high because you are a person with broad abilities.

Dream about empty chicken nest 

You are missing people who left you, either because of moving, traveling or passing away. The separation here is the protagonist, the detachment of something that is loved. And the feeling that leaves you feeling different by not being with this person anymore.

Dream that you kill a chicken with your hands 

It is a sign that you are crushing your own dreams with your various problems or with your bad faith in yourself. You don't believe in what you do or don't know your potential. You sabotage yourself. You are a person with multiple abilities so stop thinking that you can achieve what you want. Don't kill your dreams.

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Dreaming that you carry a fat hen in your arms

This dream is undoubtedly a bonanza. You are going to possess some material wealth or in any aspect of your life. Sometimes riches are not just in coins but in emotional, emotional, peace or health benefits. Those gains or those riches are greater.

It is not ruled out that you also have excellent economic income, but keep in mind that they must be used for the benefit of good actions. From there you will get the greatest wealth that is, being a great sensitive person.

Dream that your chickens are stolen

This dream symbolizes that you must be careful of losing its properties . You may be the victim of a robbery so boost security alerts. They may remove information from your social media accounts. Sleep implies vulnerability

Dreaming that you carry a skinny hen in your arms

This dream indicates deficiencies. Be very careful to squander what you have today. Do not trust yourself thinking that if you have today, you will also have tomorrow, there are people who are usually very botarate and then say "God will provide" and go to sleep, almost literally, leaving their success in the hands of the divinity.

Well, keep in mind that if you do not try hard and are cautious with your financial affairs, you could regret it very quickly. Follow this dream. Do not neglect spending like crazy without forecasting. What can happen is terrible. Lacking is an extremely sad state and unfortunately people come to this, for not foreseeing.

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Dream that loads you are among many chickens

You are a person who likes the family environment . You like to do activities with your parents, your siblings, and other close people. You are very kind and this quality gives you deep roots to be among loved people. Eating, playing, walking etc. with them it is your main interest. You are a very happy person for it. This attitude gives you rejoicing.

Chicken Actions 

Dream about laying hen

You will have excellent good fortune . So hoard as they are extraordinary streaks that may not repeat. You will have good finances and it will surely be because you will dedicate yourself to working very hard and with this, you will achieve financial success. Don't waste what you are perceiving.

Dreaming of crowing hen

This is a dream that points to general gossip . In your environment there is a lot of comment behind the back of the person involved. Those comments may have to do with others about you. But it is also more possible that you are generating the dust of gossip. Be very careful what you say. You could be very involved in serious problems.

Another interpretation is that this dream is related to news about a known person and that you have not seen time. That person may be experiencing something unpleasant, or have a serious illness. This news will move your emotions a lot.

Dreaming of chicken pecking meat

You have made great efforts and it is time to receive rewards for it. Try to store what you will receive, save a little of what you have, for the hard times that could come too. Regardless of whether this happens, always after a good fortune, you have to think about the forecasts.

Best of all, this dream tells you that your debts will come to an end and that gives you a wonderful tranquility that you also need to have in the current moments. Do not stop at what you are going to pay, get rid of all that and start from scratch without the worry of having a collector knocking on your door.

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Dreaming of broody hen

This dream symbolizes the desire to have children . And get a large family. Among your plans it is clear that you want to give life to other beings and formalize relationships. It IS a dream of good omen that you must treasure. If you are already a father or mother, it means that you are protective and your sense of responsibility is high.

Dreaming of broody hen with chicks

Something worries you about your children or your little brothers . There is a need in you to protect the little ones in the house. This dream is very beautiful and gives you a wonderful idea of how sensitive you are. You like children and you know how to take care of them. People with this potential always protect themselves, because by caring for the defenseless, you are creating high values in your heart. It is great that you follow this dream and enhance this quality that characterizes you.

If you have big children, take care of them more, be aware of what they do and with whom they meet. Don't leave them alone because they are rebellious teens or adults who feel independent. The role of parents never ends, so always keep them in mind and continue offering your wise words and example.

Dreaming of hen digging the earth

You will have a comfortable future , do not worry about any adversity you have to face because you have a lot of potential to carry out any project. Your comforts will also be satisfied, you want to live without problems and you will achieve it soon.

Dream about hen that is laying eggs

In the nearby environment there is a pregnant person . And be careful if you are the one who has fertilized or if you are a woman, perhaps you are the one who is expecting a baby. This time is for celebration. A new life is always a wonderful achievement that you should value.

Dreaming of a hen that takes worms and earthworms out of the ground

This dream bodes well. Although their image is not very pleasant, because we do not like these living beings, it does not matter. Do not think of the worms in the worms, just think of the wonder that the dream indicates to you. You will have financial wealth , so much so that you can help family and friends who need it. The tightness will not be a problem for you.

Dreaming of a chicken running around

You are a little confused with various topics that interest you and all have to do with family. You do not know which of all the issues is the highest priority and therefore you are stressed or spinning on the same axis. You need guidance from someone outside the issue so you can make the right decision and prioritize things. You cannot attend to all of them simultaneously.

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Dream about dead chicken 

A dead chicken obviously doesn't lay any more eggs. So this dream means failure and a shortage of money . It is a very significant decline in your finances, debts that you cannot pay at the moment and will torment you. If after dreaming this, you have some savings, try not to spend anything at all, because the times that come are pressing.

Dream about hen that opens its wings

Chickens are birds that cannot fly. Dreaming of a chicken that tries to do it, is a sign that you will be very willing to undertake projects in unknown matters, which involve a little risk. You are not going to stop, you are going to dare to take on the challenge of venturing into something that involves difficulty.

Dream about hen without feathers

This dream announces obstacles and deficiencies . It is a sudden devastation that leaves you at zero. You may have gambled money or loaned it, and now you're left with nothing. This situation is terrible and you must control your impulses. Do not be exaggerated in the actions of giving because you cannot give everything and be deprived either.

Chickens and their colors 

Dream about black hen

This dream announces that you will face difficulties not so difficult to solve, but they will take up a lot of time and this will generate a lot of body fatigue. Try to protect yourself in some distraction, it is necessary that this situation, no matter how fleeting, grasps you, prevented and strengthened. Sometimes it doesn't matter the size of the difficulty, but how prepared we are to face it.

Dream about white hen

You are going through a great moment of fulfillment. Rest assured that good fortune is with you. Take care of what you own and share with your loved ones. Sharing will always be for your good because whoever is a giver receives infinite benefits.

The white color indicates purity of feelings and a good will that guides you in every action. This is an extraordinary gift. For this reason, many people have you among their affections and enjoy the respect of all.

Dream about red hen

You are a person with many abilities and with them you stand out. This brings you, on the one hand, many compliments, but on the other hand, brings you conflicts over gossip. There are people close to you who cannot bear your success and try to disqualify you. You must specify who these people are and remove them from your life. They are toxic and do not let you evolve completely.

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Dream about yellow hen

This dream means happiness, harmony in the place where you are. It is nice how you are feeling right now.

Dreaming of multi-colored hen

You have situations that you don't want to face. You are giving long to all the procedures that you must carry out. You feel no desire to take compulsory steps for something to happen. You are the one who has the proceedings on hold. Is it scary or lazy? In any case, you must get out of that state and take responsibility for what it is you must do.

Chickens and others 

Dreaming of hen with roosters that walk together

You are going in an excellent direction in what you are currently doing. You are a person with many abilities and that gives you varied possibilities to get around and have various focuses of interest. Every aspect in which you are involved looks very well oriented. The rooster is the guide in this dream.

Dreaming of chicken with roosters that are pecked

This dream alerts you to certain fights that you are going to face with someone very close. This issue destabilizes and emotionally complicates you. Keep in mind that the words will be hurtful and then it will be difficult to restore that hurt relationship. It is preferable that you do not say or do things that you will regret later.

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