Rabbits in the dream world represent many positive things. As they have been well recreated, rabbits inspire us positively, they give us an example of vitality, energy, intelligence and the use of cunning, the courage to face various situations.

They teach us that our greatness is within us and that above the physical is our agility for decision-making and action. Not by chance have they been protagonists of important stories in which they embody such qualities.

White rabbits like the fast-paced rabbit from Alice in Wonderland by Louis Carroll and represented Disney; brown rabbits like Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter, Tío Conejo teaches us morals in the stories of the Venezuelan Antonio Arraiz, and the cunning gray rabbit Bugs Bunny; created by Tex Avery for Warner Bros.

There are different kinds of rabbits that exist in the world, about 80 varieties! The ancient Greeks and Romans pointed out that it was an unknown species in the Iberian Peninsula and that its name comes from a pre-Roman term that later derived the Latin term "cuniculus", and the Spanish rabbit.

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Now let's see what dreaming of rabbits can mean, in their different shapes, sizes, colors or situations.

Dreaming of rabbits

In general, dreaming of rabbits bodes well. Rabbits symbolize good news and when presented to you in dreams they are positive signs for the future.

In short, they represent good omens or insights regarding love, family, fertility, prosperity, good fortune, both financial and spiritual and sentimental.

It is not by chance that rabbits are associated with good luck, and some even use their paws as an amulet! They are a symbol of happiness, love, fortune, success, tranquility, well-being, balance.

Dreaming of group of rabbits

This dream represents your family environment, your home, the good relationships between the members of your family. If you are married or in a relationship, it represents harmony around yours, serenity, good communication. If you are single, strengthen ties with your family. Take the opportunity to strengthen fraternity with loved ones.

Dream that you see a bunny

It symbolizes good luck, triumph, success in what you decide to undertake. Everything will turn out well and you will get good fruits from your actions. Rabbits in general are a good omen. Do not miss the opportunity to start a project that you have had in mind.

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Dreaming of colored rabbits

The good luck will accompany you if you dream about colored rabbits. Its nuances represent your state of mind. It is not so much a matter of destiny as of your emotions.

Dream about black rabbits

Your doubts and concerns are what are manifesting themselves if black rabbits appear in your dreams. But do not be impatient or fall into despair, do not assume that things will not go well, quite the contrary, this dream invites you to analyze and make decisions on specific issues in your life.

The black color confronts you with the urgent need to identify what is disturbing you and transform it into a positive ssituation. You will see that you will get the best benefit and learning from that which today generates uncertainty and anguish.

Dream about gray rabbits

If you are a trader, you will get profits cleanly. This dream reveals economic and emotional prosperity for married people. It can also represent your doubts and insecurities when making decisions in the emotional or economic field. Try to strengthen your character and think positively, you have the path made for wellness.

Brown rabbit dream meaning

It means that good sense and good judgment reign in you. Highlight these qualities, as dreaming of brown rabbits may indicate that some problems may be looming in the family environment. Be cautious, measure what you are going to say. Sometimes it is better to keep quiet than to say something that hurts the feelings of loved ones. Even if you have the clear conviction that you are right.

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Dream about white rabbits 

It means fidelity. If you live as a couple, it represents loyalty, sincerity, honesty, both on your part and on that person with whom you maintain a bond on the plane of love.

If you are single, you should also interpret the white rabbits that appear in your dreams as good omens in relation to love. Whether stable or temporary relationships, good experiences are coming, satisfying, exciting, but above all loaded with honesty.

Dreaming that a rabbit is attacked

If you see this dream you must stay very attentive in terms of your family relationships. It can be a sign of disagreements, misunderstandings, discussions with any of the members of your family. You have in your hands the key to transform any possible conflict into learning for all.

Dreaming of rabbits jumping around you

It is a premonitory dream related to fertility and childhood joy in the family environment. Someone in the family will soon announce news of pregnancy or the arrival of a baby. It can also mean that the children in the family are well, that their environment is positive, pleasant, happy.

Dream that you see rabbits jumping

This dream is related to children, it represents fertility hand in hand with happiness, that is, everything that can be associated with motherhood or fatherhood and the relationship between parents and children, born or unborn, is wrapped in a beautiful sphere of well-being, tranquility, harmony.

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It is also a sign of good fortune on the sentimental level, it augurs success for relationships and reflects your abilities to adapt to new situations with the best disposition.

Dreaming of rabbit chase by other people

If you see this type of dreams you must take precaution, because it can mean problems with friends, discussions and misunderstandings. Do not miss it! Take forecasts, reflect on your interpersonal relationships and above all seek to promote good communication with your friends, as you will see that if you are cautious, any conflict will be overcome without major setbacks.

Dreaming of rabbits that bite

Dreaming of rabbits that bite means a latent danger around your family and your home, so put yourself on alert to prevent unwanted outcomes. You should be careful with the comments that an intriguing person can make, someone who has an interest in getting involved in some embarrassing situation.

They are conflicts in the family field that will have negative repercussions on your reputation. Pay attention to situations that do not suit you, gossip, rumors. Also be careful with adventures or flirting if you are a married person. It will not end well and will have negative effects on your home.

Meaning of dreaming about a dead rabbit

It symbolizes family or couple communication problems, especially they refer to the difficulty you are having in expressing what you feel. Release your emotions, so you will avoid discomfort and uncomfortable situations with those people who form your affective circle.

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Dreaming of newborn rabbits

Like all births, that of rabbits represents a new beginning in the dream world, the beginning of a new stage, renewal, transformation into a positive. Newborn rabbits bode well for the family and for couples. Do not dismiss this dream, value the opportunity you have in your life to be reborn.

Dream about big fat rabbits

You will enjoy economic and family prosperity. If you are thinking of undertaking in the economic field, it is a good time to do it, because you can see success and job stability, with positive repercussions at the family level. If you already have some businesses on the way, good news about unexpected profits is coming and that will generate abundance and tranquility.

Dream about wounded rabbit

Try to keep an eye out for possible economic declines. You may experience losses if you don't make the decisions correctly. Evaluate if you are making economic deals with the right people. Remember that not everything that glitters is gold. If you are about to take some important step on the economic front, take some time to study the big picture, the actors, the possible scenarios and your possible actions.

Dreaming of rabbit hole

If you are in a period of emotional instability, don't despair that you will soon find your way out of the burrow. You may not be able to see clearly the path you need to take right now, but before long you will see the best way to balance your emotions.

Dreaming of rabbit giving birth

It is a good omen to see a rabbit giving birth in dreams. On the love plane, it can mean the formalization of a short-term relationship. Economically, it represents abundance, bonanza, good fruit as a result of your effort. If you are presented with job offers, do not hesitate! It is time to say yes. It is also a symbol of promotion, change of employment or economic status.

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Dream that you feed a rabbit

As nice as the rabbit is or comforting the experience of feeding it, do not trust yourself, remember the cunning of the rabbit. Be on the lookout for people who may be acting friendly and who are actually intending to harm you or take advantage of your goodness.

Dream that you eat rabbit

On the one hand, it can represent a confrontation or conflict with someone with whom you have disagreed or with whom you have a rivalry relationship. That opposite you will have to face and for this you must strengthen yourself spiritually and emotionally to get out unscathed.

This dream can also reflect your ego, beware of arrogances. It is good that you recognize your qualities and merits, but do not overdo yourself with self-centeredness and petulance.

Dream that you caress a rabbit

This dream is a premonition of economic success. It can be an auspicious period to invest, close deals, agreements, deals, make transactions. Everything that arises in the financial plane will leave you good fruits.

Dream that a rabbit is killed or wounded

In the dream world it means that you must prepare, strengthen yourself to face an enemy. Perhaps you have not yet identified that person, until now you may not even have realized that someone in your environment wants to harm you and uses your generosity.

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Have confidence in yourself but do not neglect yourself. Identify that person or situation that puts you at risk and face it, do not avoid it. Also attacking a rabbit can symbolize a change in your life, the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new stage.

Dreaming of very restless rabbits

You are somewhat agitated, take the time to reflect on your goals, purposes, aspirations. If in the dream the rabbits do not stop moving, it means that you are a little scattered, agitated and with a feeling of non-conformity with life. You need to focus.

It may also indicate your interest in caring for someone, protecting a loved one, or expanding the family - you may want to have children. On the other hand, it symbolizes sexual desire.

Dream about row of rabbits

This dream represents the routine, the monotonous. It can be a sign of boredom, of stagnation. Check your daily behavior, get out of the monotony. Do not allow automatisms in your life, have initiative, exploit your creativity to renew. It may also be that everything is going well but do not settle for it, strive to improve every day.

Dreaming of fleeing rabbits

A fleeing rabbit or several escaping rabbits, can mean that you are evading situations that make you uncomfortable and that you must face. It also represents fear of the loss of someone or something that you hold dear. Do not avoid problems, do not feel afraid to face what makes you uneasy.

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Dreaming of talking rabbits

In the dream world, rabbits with qualities to communicate as humans represent a friend or close friend who requires your support, advice, word of encouragement. Try to search for the wise words to provide the necessary help.

Dreaming of a rabbit's foot

The foot of rabbits in dreams represent courage. If you have seen the rabbit's foot in your dream, luck is with you. What you will have to develop is your conviction and determination to take the necessary actions with a view to reaching some goal that you have set for yourself.

You will experience major changes in your life, you will have good opportunities in everything you set your mind to.

If you see rabbit's foot in your dream, a family member, friend or close friend needs your help to make good decisions. You can guide him in a timely manner so that he is favored.

If you see rabbit's foot in the hands of a stranger, on the floor, on the street or in a place you do not know, be careful. The opportunities may be happening before your eyes and you have not paid due attention.

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