The fish is a symbol of fate, it portends imminent deals, acquisitions or trouble, depending on where the fish is seen. For successful people, it is a sign of promotion or better business. A simple worker dreams of a fish in the water, as an omen of luck, sudden financial gain. Another meaning of a fish in a dream is a disappointment that only happens if you see fish in muddy and dirty water. Dead fish are not a good omen either. This could mean an oncoming illness or problem.

What does it mean to dream of buying fish?

There are places where people can buy fish in the physical world. This includes a market, fishmonger or supermarket. But dreaming of buying fish means a bad dream. The market in the dream is a place where all kinds of demonic transactions take place. It is certain that the person you are buying fish from in the dream has the power of sorcery to work against your efforts in life. So once there is an exchange of money in the spirit, something mysterious would start to happen. That is why things will be difficult for the person.

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Biblical meaning of buying fish in a dream

Dreaming of buying fish has a negative meaning that can affect the most important relationship for you. The most common would be with the family, but it could also be with a friend or friends who started a project and problems arose. These problems will arise for economic reasons in general. It cannot be defined specifically because everyone experiences different situations. For example, within a family, what can damage the relationship, being something very common, is heredity. It is common to see families that spend the last stage of their lives fighting for it and forget to value things like togetherness and the memory of good times. There can even be discord when one family member is unwilling to support the other. Problems arise between friends when they start a business together and clearly disagree in terms of profit, for example. This fact will complicate your relationships when the company goes bankrupt or is not in good shape. If you dreamed that you were buying fish, the detail is that you yourself know that these problems can arise and your subconscious reflects it through the dream . Therefore, it is definitely a dream to warn you and prevent this kind of situation. Due to the things we mentioned, several are manageable and avoidable. If there are situations where they have not correctly defined the terms, they should do so. For example, talking about inheritance, defining the distribution of benefits between partners or having a good conversation with our relatives about our financial problems.

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You can have this dream because you are going to start a business with your friends. If that is your case, it is not up to you to stop carrying out this project. The idea is to speak well so as not to cause problems in the future.

Dream of buying big fish

As mentioned, there are many problems stemming from economic issues. What you should consider is that the severity of the problem will depend on the size of the fish in your dream. If you are buying a giant fish, the problem that awaits you is worry. But if they are small fish , there will be things you can fix right away. And that is why you must dedicate yourself to solving it, talking or trying to reach an agreement. While you realize that the solution will be in you. If you dream about it, it means that you sincerely want this problem to be resolved. If you don't fix it, the same dream will continue to haunt you.

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Dream that you buy fresh fish

This dream shows that you are missing some occasion with your family or close friends to have fun. Perhaps work has distanced you a bit and you have not been able to find time to meet. The dream comes from your fear that the situation will get worse. You miss the times when they met and shared pleasant moments. All the variants, including the main one, stem from his desire to keep his family and friends together. Being highly valued, it is enough to take the first step for everyone to be encouraged and work for the union that is desired.

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Dreaming of buying fresh fish: the meaning of controversy

Dreaming of buying fresh fish means that at a professional level, with your superiors, you can be more clumsy and confident . Sure of your skill and intelligence, you are doing them no favors. For you, they cannot make mistakes or do injustice. You are very receptive to sharp comments. . When you get scolded, you want to explain your point of view. You can help, but get involved when you see abuse of authority. Dreaming of buying fresh fish indicates that you are not worried about telling your superiors what you think. Dreaming of buying fresh fish means that you need vitality and challenge in your work . By seeking to think outside the box, you are trying to stay away from the conventional. He wants to distinguish himself by his imaginative ideas. Your wits make up for your irregularities, but only if you use them. Dreaming of buying fresh fish indicates that despite your indifference, you are worried. You feel the need to help and advise others. You like to spend your time helping others or fighting for your humanitarian ideals. To dream of buying fresh fish means that you have a good sense of communication. He often stands out in public debates, and his excellent elocution is often highlighted.

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