What Expert Nutritionists Eat When They Go Out?

Preparing a healthy and quick dinner is not always easy

We can share the experiences of some expert nutritionists who tell us several ideas so that we can practice and start a healthy and healthy dinner.

The rules of a healthy and balanced dinner

1. Include soup with dinner

The nutritionist Regan Miller Jones recommends that we include soups, creams or any other type of liquid preparation in dinners since they fill up, hydrate, provide minerals and very few calories. But it should always be accompanied by a food rich in protein such as fish, egg or chicken.

2. Protein

Eating protein for dinner is the best option, according to several nutritionists, who recommend above all, fish, chicken, seafood, tofu, red meat or eggs.

According to nutritionist Sharon Palmer, her preferred choice is eggs. She comments that there is no problem associated with consuming a daily unit. This animal protein must be accompanied by a serving of vegetables.

3. Foods to avoid

At dinner you should avoid: starches, potatoes or rice, non-whole grains, white bread, fried, battered, sausages, sauces high in fat and sugar. All the experts agree on this.

4. Bread

Most nutritionists avoid having dinner with bread - preferring to take it during the first half of the day since that is when the body is going to use it -, if they do include it, they do it in a small amount and always wholemeal and sourdough.

5. Drinks

What should we drink during dinner? The answer is water. Although the nutritionist Laura Parada recommends drinking it in small amounts during meals, since large volumes of liquids delay digestion. Another option can be a glass of wine, a beer in a timely manner, or hot or cold infusions.

6. The perfect dessert

If you fancy a dessert, it is best to include fresh fruit, nuts, a skim milk or diet gelatin. If you fancy something sweet, you can have a portion of dark chocolate, the darker the better.

Try these tips from some nutritionists, you will see how your well-being improves thanks to these great dinners.

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