What is Dropshipping? - Beginners Guide

What is Dropshipping? - Beginners Guide

What is Dropshipping and how does it work?

Let’s start by explaining what is dropshipping (also called drop shipping or drop shipment): Dropshipping is a method of distribution and delivery of products where the seller receives the payment of the amount of the order and the customer receives the product directly from the manufacturer, not from the seller.

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Definition of dropshipping

Dropshipping is revolutionizing e-commerce or online commerce (and is gradually coming to traditional commerce), dramatically expanding the catalogs of physical stores. Like almost all new business models, dropshipping is a new trend of American origin, which is increasingly established in Europe and the rest of the world.

This distribution model is marking a before and after in electronic commerce, since it allows the owner to start a store without having to invest in storage and shipping costs of the stock. The seller reaches an agreement with a dropshipping provider and does not need to worry about all the related logistics.

Terminology and peculiarities of dropshipping

But before getting into the subject, let’s see the difference between two terms of the sector:

  • Dropshipper: is the wholesale distributor that sells to the retailer and at the same time sends the product to the final customer.
  • Dropshipping: It is the method of sale and distribution of different quantities of products, where a retailer makes the sale to the final customer and a dropshipper , after agreement with the retailer, sends the product to the end customer anonymously.

Once this has been clear, and so that there is no doubt, let’s review again in what differentiate dropshipping and traditional trade (without dropshipping):

  • In the classic formula of e-commerce or traditional commerce, the seller buys the products from the distributor and stores them in their facilities. When a customer order is received, the retailer is responsible for processing the order and sending the product to the customer. In this case, the retailer has to face the costs related to storage and shipping.
  • In contrast, in the dropshipping mode , the seller does not have stock or warehouse by itself, but has at its disposal the wholesaler or dropshipper. Then, at the time of receiving the order, instead of processing and sending it as we would in a normal case, the seller contacts the wholesaler so that it is he who sends the product to the customer. Dropshipping is a technique within the retail trade that saves shipping costs of the product, and drastically reduces the delivery time.

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Operating scheme of the dropshipping

Is it becoming clearer? Next we will see in a more schematic way the 3 protagonists protagonists who play in this business, and how they relate.

  • Client: Buy an item in an ecommerce, without being affected in the least if the delivery is in dropshipping or not.
  • Seller: When the order is received, the seller places an order with his wholesaler.
  • Wholesaler or dropshipper: The wholesaler packs the order in a packaging in which the seller’s name and address appear (and never his own). It sends it directly to the client. The wholesaler receives the sales order with the address of the final customer and sends it directly to the product, processing all the shipping, customs and other distribution costs.

In this method of sale so new that is the dropshipping, the seller is especially benefited by avoiding storage. You can ignore this aspect and make the sale, without having to have previously purchased the product. Once sold, the owner of the ecommerce obtains his benefit from the difference between the price of the wholesaler and the Retail Price (PVP) that he himself has specified in his ecommerce.

In the end, in a Dropshipping agreement or shipment to the point, the retailer acts as an intermediary between the dropshipping wholesaler and the customer.

Notable features of the dropshipping

Drop Shipping is a good option for a retailer (who typically sells in small quantities to the general public) when a single order of many units of a product is received. Instead of directing the distribution, the retailer agrees with the dropshipper that the goods are directly sent to the final customer.

Thanks to this new method of shipping and stock management, the professionals are in charge of the shipment and it is not necessary to have a physical inventory of the products. On the contrary, there is more time available for retail sale, the true dedication of a retailer.

The catalogs grow and can offer exotic or large products without worrying about high import or storage costs. Dropshippers wholesalers also benefit from the reduction in shipping costs and continued sales of their products.

How does dropshipping work?

We have already seen what dropshipping is and how a line store can benefit. Next, let’s see in depth how it works.

In all the processes of sale and distribution with Dropshipping different factors intervene. We will try to explain each of them in this Dropshipping Guide:

How a commercial relationship should work with a dropshipper

In the case that you decide to work with a dropshipping provider , you will be giving a great responsibility. This, which at the beginning can give you “vertigo”, you should not worry if you find a professional and experienced company.

However, in order to know what the usual work process is like, we are going to relate the first phase of the commercial relationship between both companies:

  • For the proper functioning of a business relationship with Dropshipping service between a dropshipper (B2B distributor) and a seller (wholesaler or retailer), the first thing that the seller must consider is to resort to companies that specialize in dropshipping that have a large catalog duly updated products in department stores, the more automated the better. That is, having a good dropshipper is essential.
  • Once the commercial relationship between the dropshipper and the retailer or wholesaler is established, the dropshipper will provide the catalog of products in the format previously agreed upon in the terms of the relationship: database, access to websites, CSV, etc. In some cases, some dropshippers do not provide updated catalogs given the speed of change of the same and prefer to maintain an e-commerce site where sellers choose which products to import to their particular businesses.
  • Once with the dropshipper catalog in its database or in its physical catalog, the seller is responsible for checking the availability of the products, as well as the delivery times offered by the dropshipper. In some cases delivery times will always remain the same.

The price difference between dropshipper / seller, that is, between the sale price and the dropshipment cost, is the profit margin of the seller , who will receive it at the time of making the purchase to the dropshipper.

The seller plays the role of a distributor without stock and can dedicate his time and efforts to selling, promoting and advertising to sell his products. The dropshipper is responsible for the logistics in the delivery and management of the products to the final customer of the seller.

A solid relationship between the dropshipper wholesaler and the retailer can become a mutual trust and credibility relationship. From then on, many sellers usually benefit from lines of credit from their dropshippers.

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Shipping and returns with Dropshipping

The management of a return with a dropshipping provider can cause doubts at first. In a normal distribution relationship, the customer would simply send the product to the store, and the store would be responsible for returning the money or replenishing it. With the dropshipping, how could it be otherwise, change a little. Let’s see more in depth, differentiating it from the procedure in the shipments:


Dropshipping shipments are an exclusive task of the dropshipper, however the retailer must make sure to conscientiously provide all the data concerning the postal address and in most of the cases, verify them before communicating them to the dropshipper. In addition to shipping with anonymous packaging , many drosphippers also make customized shipments with the logo and seller’s information.


The returns of the products in poor condition will be managed mostly by the dropshipper, after sending and confirming the corresponding documentation by the seller that justifies the return of the product. For example, in case of abuse of the package by the transport company.

Misleading or lost shipments

The management of lost shipments is done jointly between seller and dropshipper, since the information is shared. The seller must keep the communications with his client and logistics tracking messages to be aware of possible misplacements and announce it to the final customer in advance.

Factors to consider with Dropshipping

We have already seen in depth what dropshipping is and how it works, but there are certain aspects that must be taken into account before launching with this distribution model.

  1. Adjustment of profit margins . The dropshipper takes care of most processes associated with the distribution. This usually increases the price of the products for the final customer. Establishing savings in logistics can mean expanding margins.
  2. Customs with dropshippers abroad . Choosing wholesale distributors that offer dropshipping in your own country is a priority, even for a specific sector. In the US and China there is a good supply of dropshippers but shipments must go through customs, increasing costs and problems of logistics or product quality.
  3. Delivery times according to geographical areas . Sellers with businesses that serve in 24 or 48 hours at most often work with suppliers that are in the same country or at most on the continent. Keep in mind that an excessive delivery time can not return many end customers.
  4. Taxation in international operations . Before starting the business with dynamic dropshipper, it is advisable to ask tax advice to an accounting-fiscal agency to establish which regions can cause problems and fiscal delays in the movement of products between their borders.
  5. Dropshippers of good reputation . In this regard you can visit specific directories of dropshippers that have verified the legality of the providers that list. Although the most recommended is always the experience itself, asking for a couple of different products to analyze the shipping and quality of packaging and products.
  6. Transportation costs. According to the policy of action of the different dropshippers, the cost of transport per order can be fixed according to negotiations with the courier company, or the dropshipper allows choosing the courier company that best suits the seller and the geographical area where to move the package.
  7. Claims in a transaction or unauthorized purchases. This case occurs when a consumer has filed a complaint against a payment made through PayPal or the payment gateway of his bank, with respect to a transaction or purchase. This may be due to any reason, such as an affirmation of not having received the product, for example. Money back claims mechanisms are a great measure designed for the protection of consumers, however there is always the possibility that unscrupulous people abuse it. Consequently, the seller and the dropshipper must decide by mutual agreement what type of solutions they establish so that in the future they will not be prejudiced by this type of behavior.

Recommendations to start with Dropshipping

Before you start using the services of a dropshipping wholesaler that you consider suitable for your business, it is highly recommended that you make several personal orders inexpensively with the intention of checking how long it takes to be processed and shipped the goods, how delivery logistics work or if there is the possibility of personalization of the delivery labels and delivery notes. So you can assess the convenience or not of using it as a dropshipping supplier / wholesaler.

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How to do dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an ideal system to expand small businesses, start businesses managed from home or have an alternative source of income with minimal cost and no risk.

Before starting with this type of distribution, a minimum study is advisable to evaluate if we are interested in this modality. Dropshipping is a very interesting and didactic business for new entrepreneurs or who do not have a large capital to invest, since it is possible to start the business with really low costs and with profits from almost the first day.

If you want to be a new seller on the Internet or you already have a store on your own e-commerce platform, implementing a process of distribution and sale of “dropshipping” products can be very simple.

An example to start with Dropshipping

As the numbers do not deceive, let’s give an example of what benefit we could get from a normal sale with a dropshipping shop.

  • The first thing we should do is find and contact a dropshipping provider or Drop Shipper distributor. This Dropshipper or wholesaler sells a product, for example an MP3 player for € 20, shipping costs included.
  • Next, our job will be to investigate how much we can sell that product in our e-commerce platform, in generic stores like eBay or Amazon, in local newspapers or in traditional stores. After researching we realize that the price that is being paid for this product is about $ 35 approximately.

From then on, the following will happen:

  1. We publish the product on our website, with a price of $ 35. If we work with a good dropshipper, we will easily obtain from your web page all the photographs, technical characteristics and even opinions about the product. We already have all the necessary tools to mount a 100% professional ad on our website.
  2. The ad is already available in our e-commerce and even begins to be indexed in search engines.
  3. Someone finds your e-commerce, is interested, compares prices, and buys that product on your website.
  4. Your new buyer has paid via PayPal $ 35 for the previous product. We recommend Paypal to start, because it is easier and faster to manage.
  5. With those $ 35 in your Paypal account, you enter the Dropshipper page, you buy the product for $ 20, giving the order to send that product to the address provided by your customer in the purchase you made in your e-commerce.
  6. Your client will receive the product within a few days at the indicated postal address, sent directly from the wholesaler or dropshipper, but thinking that it has been sent by you, thanks to the anonymous packaging used in Dropshipping.

The use of the dropshipping system has a series of advantages for all parties involved in this purchase process:

  • Your buyers will continue to come to you if they want more similar products, you will strengthen your brand image.
  • Your provider will continue to cover the demands of your customers.
  • Each of the parties has managed to obtain a benefit from each operation: economic (Dropshipper and yourself) or in kind (your client).

The margins may seem, a priori, very tight if we compare a dropshipping business with a traditional one. However, the dropshipper is taking care of all expenses related to storage, transportation, customs management ... Likewise, B2C ecommerce customers are the main beneficiaries and will not hesitate to repeat their purchases in the future. In addition, thanks to dropshipping, expanding the product catalog is really simple.

How to choose a dropshipping provider?

One of the first and most difficult decisions when undertaking an e-commerce is to choose a dropshipping provider . Many doubts often arise in this decision and we never know if it is correctly done or not.

In this post we will try to offer you the keys to a correct choice of provider to start earning money with dropshipping depending on the needs and objectives that each entrepreneur may have.

1- Opinions and comments on the Internet

Nowadays, Internet users are more than accustomed to compare the products and services we see on the net with many similar ones and to read opinions from different users who have used them before.

When choosing dropshipping provider we recommend doing exactly the same: an online survey of opinions and comments about it. Do not expect a dropshipping provider to have only positive comments (no company is infallible). No one is perfect and in the world of dropshipping there are always details that can fail.

2- Turnkey solutions

As a general rule, most people who decide to start an online business in the form of a dropshipping store do not usually have great technical knowledge of design, programming or information on hostings and / or web domains.

That is why, if you find yourself in that situation, it is best to choose dropshipping providers that offer complete turnkey solutions such as: dropshipping store synchronized with your catalog or part of the catalog; stock always available, technical service in case of incidence with e-commerce and other services that can facilitate the daily management of the dropshipping business.

3- Types of products that offer

As we mentioned earlier in our blog about the importance of niche choice in dropshipping stores, there are dropshipping providers specialized in specific sectors with which you can synchronize your catalog to offer your customers a website specialized in what they need.

However, if you prefer to offer a greater variety of products, it is not a bad option to opt for a dropshipping provider with a broader catalog and with more possibilities to generate different types of sales.

4- Customer service dropshipping provider

Another extremely important aspect when choosing a supplier for our dropshipping shop is knowing how and what kind of customer service it offers, as well as its guarantees and after sales conditions.

Make sure that your provider offers good conditions and that it is transparent when it comes to responding to incidents, sending defective products or managing returns and canceled orders.

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Anonymous packaging in dropshipping

The Dropshipping allows the delivery of the product to the final customer directly from the manufacturer, without intermediaries and with anonymous packaging. The DropShipment is a service that allows the final customer to send the product they have purchased with a package that does not correspond to the wholesaler. It is a completely anonymous packaging that does not contain any advertising, brochure or brand that can identify the manufacturer; neither printed nor glued on the outside or inside of the surface of the packaging nor attached inside it in the form of brochures.

In this way, with a dropshipping provider, the relationship you have established with your clients will not be interrupted by contradictory or third-party information.

In addition, the invoices and tax information will be available in digital format for the seller in the digital platform of the dropshipper, usually a web page. The invoices or fiscal information that is issued for the final customer, are for the seller’s own account, being able to supply them to their clients via web server or any method that they consider appropriate. In the package with anonymous packaging, which the dropshipper delivers to the final customer, no invoices or tax information concerning the wholesaler are included.

In some cases, when the payment is made by some other system than the refund, for example, the dropshipper may not even know the amount of the final sale of the product; he only knows the postal address where the package should be sent. As a result, anonymity is even more protected in shipments with Dropshipping.

Documentation and delivery notes in Dropshipping

On the outside of the anonymous packages of dropshipping shipments, only the international signage necessary for the correct handling of the package is printed.

The only documentation that a dropshipper includes in the package is a detailed delivery note of the products included in it, so that the final customer can verify that the content is correct.

Many wholesalers also allow you to customize the delivery notes attached to the packages, with the logos and corresponding data of the retailer.

Regarding the passage of customs of the shipments with anonymous packaging by dropshipping, it is necessary to consider that all packages that have to go outside the borders of the European Union or European territories with different fiscal conditions, such as Ceuta and Melilla or the Canary Islands, need, according to current legislation, an invoice included in their documentation. In this case, it is the seller who must supply the invoice to the dropshipper so that it can be included in the package documentation before sending it.

Of course thanks to the new communication technologies, the sending of an invoice to a dropshipper by a retailer can be done almost immediately, just after the sale and payment of the product. Therefore, the cadence and rhythm of the shipments are not affected by the remoteness of the destination of the package.

With the DropShipment, the ease of shipping and the benefits of anonymous packaging allow a retailer to improve its brand image and start positioning itself in the market from the first day.

Types of business online with Dropshipping

Dropshipping for ecommerce

Dropshipping is the perfect ally of e-commerce, since it eliminates at the root the economic expenses that suppose acquiring or renting a surface or property as a warehouse. Taking into account that an electronic commerce does not need a physical store, thanks to dropshipping we can completely dispense with all physical spaces (stores, warehouses and others) to generate wealth with our virtual space, in our own domain.

Dropshipping streamlines e-commerce management processes

However, in reference to dropshipping for electronic stores, thanks to digital payment systems (such as Paypal) there is an even more important feature than the one mentioned above. When a final customer makes a purchase in an e-commerce, deposits the amount of the product instantly in the account of the seller, owner of the e-commerce where the transaction was made. Then the seller makes a second order to the dropshipper with the money received by the final customer, that is, never with the seller’s own money, always with the money received from the customer, money that was not previously in his account.

Therefore, when the second order is made to the dropshipper, the seller is not investing in stocks, is receiving the profit obtained by selling the product instantly and closing the operation, since from that moment all logistics is managed The dropshipper.

The different types of virtual stores are not an impediment to implement a system of shipment and management of stocks by dropshipping. Dropshipping is a system that works perfectly for both novice Ebay vendors and consolidated e-commerce platforms that want to reduce costs and improve logistics efficiency.

The advantages of dropshipping for the final customer of an e-commerce:

  1. The delivery time of between 24 / 48h (provided that the wholesaler is in national territory and make the shipment by means of urgent parcel type MRW, UPS, SEUR, DHL).
  2. Professional manipulation of the article. At times, we have all received a poorly made package or assembly in bad conditions, which makes it clear that at some point it has gone through an inexperienced and unprofessional hand. This does not happen with the dropshipping, since the only one who touches the product is the wholesaler.
  3. Lower the final price, since transportation is saved from the wholesaler to the retailer.

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Dropshipping for retailers

Dropshipping is very advantageous for retail stores or physical stores with direct sales to the public and that use catalogs for sale. The clients of these establishments look for specific products that cover a particular need and do not always expect to leave with their purchases in hand. For this reason, a little delay between placing the order and receiving it at home is not usually an inconvenience for them.

When an offline retailer works with dropshipping, you can place the most representative novelties or items on the most visible store shelves. The rest of the products in the catalog will be stored by the dropshipping provider in their facilities.

Dropshipping as an alternative to inventory control

Inventory control is one of the biggest problems for retailers. Traditionally, in a retail store the products are ordered in the warehouse as shipped by the manufacturer and they “rest” in a secure area until they are placed on the shelves facing the public. For this, the maintenance of an adequate storage area, the hiring of employees to manage stocks and the investment in security measures to prevent theft and theft both inside and outside the warehouse is essential. All this obviously involves important costs that must be assumed. If we also talk about orders of large volume of articles or products of a considerable size, the cost that a retailer must assume shoots exponentially.

Thanks to the dropshipping, the retailer does not need to maintain a large inventory stored in its facilities, more physical space of its facilities can be dedicated to the sale and sample of its products . Nor do we need a large number of employees who spend much of their time handling merchandise, shipping, receiving, inventory and warehouse security. In addition, given the dimensions of the dropshippers’ warehouses , the products can remain longer without causing inconvenience, unlike in a retailer’s warehouse.

The wholesalers (dropshippers) usually work with different shipping agencies, national and international, agreeing on the priority and speed of the shipments with the retailer according to the price ratio offered in the products.

Benefits of dropshipping for retailers

  1. The investment to start is minimal and quickly recoverable. Implementing the dropshipping system within the operating structure of a company only needs the costs derived from the design and programming of electronic commerce. The costs of promotion and customer service are of a private nature in each business and may vary significantly.
  2. No extra infrastructure is required for the storage or preparation of products. The dropshipper wholesaler is in charge of everything concerning logistics.
  3. They have all the stock of the wholesaler available. A professional of the storage manages the state and shipment of the products, therefore breakages, losses, thefts and other derived problems are avoided. The larger the size of the wholesale supplier, the smaller the stock problems.
  4. Product catalog always updated. The dropshipping providers work with online systems to automatically update their product catalog. Also in the case of its extension, automated solutions are provided.
  5. Disclaimer of treatment and management with couriers. The negotiations of the shipments according to destination, weight and volume with the courier companies are managed by the dropshipper, who agrees with the retailer the prices appropriate to their commercial relationship.
  6. Support and advice in the management of returns and incidents. Most dropshippers that operate in the European Union accept returns of products and provide advice for the processing of incidents.

Dropshipping on Ebay

If you know the world of dropshipping, surely you have heard about selling products in marketplaces. In this brief guide we will specially deal with the dropshipping process on eBay, with the particularities of this platform and the pertinent considerations.

Let’s start with the principle: eBay allows on its website the sale through dropshipping, in which sellers use a source of supply of products without ever having to hand the articles. These are sent directly from the warehouse to the user, freeing the seller of the need and costs of stock storage.

In return, eBay imposes as a condition that the seller guarantees the delivery of the product within 30 days after the deal closes and imposes some sales fees. If you choose this sales mechanism as a seller you should know that in the eyes of eBay you are fully responsible for the order, as well as the satisfaction of your customers, and that you must face any incident with the shipment or the supplier yourself.

What do you have to do to start selling via dropshipping on eBay?

First of all, find out about suppliers. Research online, ask friends and acquaintances, participate in ecommerce and dropshipping forums on eBay. In summary: Do field work!

You should know that there are two types of dropshippers, intermediaries and main manufacturers or distributors, that behave differently in the dropshipping process:

  • Intermediaries offer products from different brands for online sale, but lack real stock. They usually have an online inventory backed by physical warehouses outside the intermediary itself, usually from wholesalers. The main disadvantage of working with this type of dropshipper is that, very often, you can find the merchandise sold in the marketplace at the same price as that offered to the seller, which makes it difficult to earn money on eBay.
  • The main manufacturers or distributors are the wholesalers that have the physical stock in their warehouses. When working with this type of dropshipper you ensure the purchase at the lowest possible price, so it offers greater potential for profitability than the previous one. On the other hand, risks are avoided in the shipping process, since the product leaves directly from the warehouse to its destination: the final buyer.

Benefits of dropshipping on eBay

  1. Lower initial investment: it is not required to have ecommerce or make investment in online marketing. You can leave the KPIs aside and concentrate only on the sale. Therefore, it is especially advisable if you do not have knowledge of the digital environment and want to start the dropshipping.
  2. Broad market potential: the eBay platform lived the best year of its life in 2013 with 16,047 million dollars sold. Only with its jump to the market of mobile apps, got 3.2 million new customers in the last quarter of the year.
  3. Lower risk: related to the lack of initial investment, in this case you only put the sale rates into play.
  4. More variety of products: by not requiring storage, you can have a greater variety of products than if you made the physical purchase to the wholesaler and then resell, making the type of articles more flexible.
  5. Anonymous delivery: eBay does not oblige the seller to indicate the name of the supplier in the packaging of the item, so the shipment can be completely anonymous.

Disadvantages of dropshipping on eBay

  1. Rates for sale and commissions for sale made: keep in mind that the cost of sales fees is much lower than the initial investment that would entail the establishment of an ecommerce, and the commissions are applied only if the sale has been closed. If you work with a wholesaler directly you will have enough margin to absorb this cost, but you must study the expense in detail if you choose an intermediary.
  2. Need for constant monitoring: selling on eBay takes time, since you have to follow the auctions to get the most benefit. The more time you spend, the better the results will be. For the convenience of the seller, the platform offers several tracking tools that allow you to obtain updated information instantly, and there is a lot of information on the network about how to perform a thorough and successful monitoring.
  3. Lack of control over merchandise and delivery experience. There are wholesale suppliers that offer tracking in shipments, so you can follow the itinerary of the items until it reaches the customer. We insist on the need to run away from intermediaries and always work with wholesalers or manufacturers.

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Sell ??with Dropshipping: choose the niche market

Dropshipping of original gift

The dropshipping stores of original gifts and gadgets of all kinds are very interesting for entrepreneurs, since the high margins that can be achieved by selling original gifts and gadgets, together with the attractive and attractive that these items are for buyers, makes Make this category one of the most successful among those who have a dropshipping business.

What to sell in an original gift dropshipping store

The category of original gift and gadgets encompasses a wide variety of items of all kinds. In addition, there are original gifts for all ages and audiences, from items for home or office to electronics, mobile accessories or gadgets for children.

In order to satisfy the needs of the buyers, it is necessary to offer a wide and varied catalog. Having an original gift dropshipping business avoids having to worry about storage space and stocks; We can offer as many items as we want. Original cups, ashtrays, piggy banks, alarm clocks, calculators or watches are some of the items that can be found in a dropshipping store of original gifts and gadgets.

What to consider when making original gift dropshipping and gadgets

These are some tips that should be taken into account when starting to sell items through dropshipping.

  • The original dropshipping gift provider has to offer reduced delivery times: Delivery time in this category is very important. It is highly recommended to choose a Spanish dropshipping wholesaler as a supplier and to ensure that the delivery time is 24 or 48 hours. These types of items are usually bought at the last minute to give or offer to others, so you have to ensure that the delivery will be made in a short period.
  • The dropshipping wholesaler must be an expert in the original gift: Partnering with the best is always a good guarantee. When doing dropshipping with original gifts you have to choose a supplier that is able to offer us the most original and surprising items and that is ahead of market trends so that we can always have the most innovative gadgets.
  • That the provider offers a synchronized dropshipping store adds points: Decanting for an original synchronized and automated gift dropshipping shop will make everyday tasks much easier by not having to update stocks and passing orders. You can optimize working time by dedicating it to more useful tasks such as search engine positioning.

Finally, although we want to dedicate to the sale of gift items and gadgets only, it never hurts to choose a dropshipping provider that offers other product categories. Thus, we will always be in time to expand the business.

Dropshipping sports

Having a dropshipping sport store is a business with a future. Playing sports and taking care of yourself is fashionable: healthy lifestyle habits are firmly implanted in society and people are increasingly concerned about their health and their physique.

Many choose to set up their own small gym at home either with large fitness machines similar to those found in professional gyms or with smaller folding devices that are stored anywhere. Selling these items at a sport dropshipping store is a good way to take advantage of existing demand.

What to sell in a sport dropshipping store

The range of products that can be offered in a dropshipping sport shop is very wide and varied. There is no need to focus solely on bodybuilding devices or those dedicated to cardiovascular exercise. In addition to the machines or appliances, electrostimulators, vibrating belts, weights and other items such as shoes or garments designed for exercise can also be offered.

You can also expand the horizon and combine a dropshipping sport shop with personal care and beauty articles. Some examples of items that combine very well with those dedicated to fitness and exercise are reducing creams, anti-cellulite devices, massagers or even food supplements.

Tips when setting up a sport dropshipping shop

Starting a sports dropshipping store has its tricks. Let’s see a series of tips to make it go as smoothly as possible.

  • Includes in the sports dropshipping business catalog telemarketing articles: In this type of business, the telemarketing articles enjoy a good popularity. They are items for home use with very innovative designs that allow different areas of the body to be exercised. Definitely, the articles of telemarketing are a category to take into account when doing dropshipping of sports articles.
  • Take into account the fashions and trends in your dropshipping sport shop: Even in sports and fitness there are fashions and, therefore, you have to pay attention to them. It is important to choose a dropshipping supplier of sports articles that is capable of cataloging novel articles and following the latest trends in sports practices.
  • Complement your sport dropshipping business with interesting content: To be successful in this business, you should not limit yourself to selling sporting goods only. Offering interesting content such as healthy living tips and examples of exercises will help your sport dropshipping store be better positioned in the search engines and therefore to have more traffic and sales.

If you are a sports fan, you like to exercise and you have an entrepreneur spirit, a dropshipping sport shop can become your way of life. You only need a trusted dropshipping provider, a website and some knowledge of online marketing.

Dropshipping of erotic products

The sale of SexShop articles or erotic through dropshipping stores is a business that increasingly arouses more interest in both entrepreneurs and buyers.

Although a priori it seems a very minority niche, the dropshipping business of SexShop articles triumphs on the Internet. The online channel has been unmarked as the most appropriate for the sale of SexShop items thanks to the discretion offered to the buyer or buyer to be able to place the order from home and receive it by courier.

In addition, erotic items are increasingly popular and their presence on a daily basis is becoming more normal. Having a dropshipping store SexShop allows you to cover an increasingly large market and with a high cost per buyer.

What we can offer in a dropshipping store SexShop

There is a wide variety of items that we can offer in a dropshipping SexShop business. Much of them are not even able to imagine the world! In addition, in this category you can combine both products dedicated to personal enjoyment or as a couple as joke items with erotic connotation.

Some examples of items found in SexShop dropshipping stores are wives, vibrators, erotic lingerie pieces, condoms, stimulators or even joke items such as cups or straws with a penis shape.

Everything fits in a SexShop dropshipping business, from the hottest and erotic to the funniest items to give away.

What to keep in mind when creating a dropshipping store SexShop

  • Require anonymous and discreet dropshipping: In the SexShop article category, it is essential that the dropshipping wholesaler offers an anonymous and discreet shipment. The buyers of erotic products demand that the packaging does not reveal the contents of the package in order to avoid more than a hurry before the eyes of others.
  • Select a dropshipping wholesaler SexShop with guarantees: The erotic items that are sold in the store must be safe for their use and, in addition, they must be certified for sale in the community territory. Choosing a Spanish dropshipping wholesaler guarantees that erotic products have already passed customs and that the wholesaler has also been concerned with offering items that can be sold without any problem in European territory.
  • Demanding freedom to set prices dropshipping supplier: The articles SexShop have a very interesting profit margin. Therefore, there is room to opt for a policy of low prices and a lot of rotation or slightly higher prices offering added value. The dropshipping wholesaler of erotic items has to inform about a recommended sale price, but should never force to set one in particular.

An intelligent strategy when setting up a dropshipping store with SexShop items would, for example, also offer items for parties and celebrations, original gifts that would allow us to cover more market. You already know, in the dropshipping there is no need to store so it is the owner of the store who puts limits to the catalog.

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Dropshipping gourmet food

Thanks to dropshipping we can sell items without having to store them. Food and drink items are usually the ones that have the highest storage costs due to their special storage conditions. The gourmet dropshipping stores not only eliminate the cost of storage, but also the loss of stocks for having exceeded its optimal date of consumption without having given it exit.

gourmet dropshipping business is also a very attractive shop for the buyer. On the one hand because the product comes directly from the wholesaler or the producer, experts in the field, and on the other because if you sell exclusive or hard-to-find items, the buyer will be much more comfortable to buy at the gourmet dropshipping store to go looking for Physical stores the item you want.

This comfort is increased if we take into account that the products are received at the buyer’s own home. The merchandise goes directly from the gourmet dropshipping wholesaler to the final customer, without intermediaries. If you buy large pieces such as whole hams or boxes of wine bottles, a buyer will appreciate this possibility.

What to offer in a gourmet dropshipping store

In food and beverages, as in other sectors, the possibilities are endless. Having a gourmet dropshipping store benefits us in that aspect since the catalog will be equally unlimited, as we do not have to worry about the stock.

Hams, sausages, cold meats, wines, spirits ... These are some examples of items that can be sold in a gourmet dropshipping store.

If the gourmet dropshipping shop has an international focus and foreign sales are made, it is important to bear in mind that some items, such as whole hams, are very attractive but somewhat unknown in other countries. You have to inform about the mode of consumption of these products. In the case of ham, it would be enough if either the dropshipping wholesaler or the seller himself offered a multilingual cutting guide. In this way the enjoyment and maximum use of the piece is ensured.

Recommendations for a gourmet dropshipping shop

  • The gourmet dropshipping wholesaler must guarantee optimal storage conditions: There are some fresh or ready-made items that, due to their nature, need to be kept under specific temperature or humidity conditions. In order to ensure optimal product quality, find out how the dropshipping gourmet wholesaler cares products will be a point to keep in mind
  • When doing gourmet dropshipping it is important to know what is sold: Many times the clients themselves will ask for advice about a product or they will have doubts that they will need to solve. Therefore, it is advisable to know all the products offered in the gourmet dropshipping shop . If you are able to guide the customer in your purchase you will offer a better service and you will achieve loyalty to the buyers.
  • Offering additional content in the dropshipping gourmet shop is a great complement: A gourmet dropshipping business gives rise to offer additional content that can be very interesting for the buyer. Recipes made with the products that are sold, advice or guidelines for use or even comparisons between products, are some ideas that can help improve the search engine positioning of your gourmet dropshipping shop and therefore, visits.

Finally, a good idea in order to complement the supply of food and beverages, is to offer household items such as decanters or wine coolers in your gourmet dropshipping store . This covers more market and, therefore, more sales.

Dropshipping of perfumes

When choosing which niche market to occupy, a dropshipping shop for perfumes and cosmetics can be an interesting option. A consumer usually spends a lot of money when buying a perfume, compared to other items. Without being aware, we are actually acquiring a luxury item from major brands.

The widespread use of these items ensures that a dropshipping shop for perfumes and / or cosmetics will have a secure demand. In addition, dropshipping is the ideal way to have an online store of perfumes and cosmetics since we can have as many references as we want without worrying about having to pay for the stock in advance or for storage.

Business Dropshipping Perfumes and much more

In the category of beauty and personal care products there is a very wide assortment of articles that allows the business owner to specialize in a specific niche: perfumes, cosmetics, shampoos, gels, deodorants and many others.

You can have a dropshipping store for perfumes and cosmetics for women exclusively, or for example an online store only for cleaning products. The important thing is that the dropshipping wholesaler of perfumes has a wide catalog that allows choosing which niche to address.

Recommendations for your dropshipping perfume shop

Do dropshipping of perfumes with top brands

In the market of perfumes and cosmetics brands succeed. Buyers want quality perfumes with a lasting fragrance and cosmetics that they can trust, so the price goes into the background in this case.

Choose a reliable dropshipping perfume supplier

It is essential that the dropshipping wholesaler of perfumes offers the guarantee that all the items in the catalog are authentic. Fakes are common in perfumes and cosmetics, so you have to be careful.

Power your dropshipping store of perfumes and cosmetics in key times

There are certain times of the year such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day in which the sales of perfumes and cosmetics soar. Your dropshipping shop of perfumes should not be alien to it. For this reason, it is very important to invest more in advertising during those dates to be more visible.

Remember that although it is not your main activity, include some perfumes and cosmetics in your dropshipping store can serve as a hook product that boosts the sales of the rest of the catalog.

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