What is the difference between a normal stylus and the S-Pen of the Samsung Galaxy Note?

[Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 9 to the world a few weeks ago in New York , with the big surprise of the official launch of Fortnite for Android , the Battle Royale video game that more players have currently active. Removing this and other new features of the new model of the company, such as the camera or the screen, what perhaps caught less attention was the S-Pen , and is a fundamental part of the device.

The characteristic pencil of this model has been renewed to offer new functions to facilitate the use of the device to users. But what are the differences between a normal stylus and the Samsung Galaxy Note S-Pen ? The new version of the S-Pen can carry out more tasks, in addition to copying and pasting images, taking notes or scribbling, becoming something useful and novel. However, the idea of stylus was to interact with a large screen, emulate finger gestures and use the device as if it were a notebook, among other small functions.

The South Korean company has opted for stylus because it works, and it shows with the S-Pen, which has provided a set of improvements that make it a desirable object for consumers. For example, this pen incorporates Bluetooth connectivity and a capacitor to store energy. This way it can be charged using the same phone in just 40 seconds, which gives energy to use it for half an hour without the need for batteries.

The S-Pen is renewed with new functions

Thanks to Bluetooth, the S-Pen can be used at a distance of up to ten meters , for example when taking a photo. Holding the button on the S-Pen opens the camera application and to take a photo you only have to touch the button once, if you press it twice it will change from the rear camera to the front, and vice versa.

It can even be used as a pointer or remote control , for example when passing slides in a presentation at work and works perfectly with applications such as PowerPoint. At the time of taking notes, something that may be little new, the possibility of doing so with the screen turned off and without the need to unlock the smartphone has been implemented, turning the Galaxy Note 9, which is already on sale , into a smart notebook .

Creating and sending live messages is possible with the S-Pen, which really are animated GIFS based on what is written or drawn. For this you can choose between different styles and pen effects, as well as the color and thickness of the pen.

The S-Pen is quite intuitive in terms of playback and stop controls. With this pencil model you can pause videos and resume them at any time by simply pressing the button. In addition, it is also possible to draw and customize photos, creating our own memories, or drawing on image captures, something really useful if we want to explain to someone what path to follow to reach a certain place.

Other features that attract the most attention are the possibility of creating our own custom functions for the S-Pen and obtaining shortcuts to a selection of 10 applications.

All this added to many other possibilities that made the S-Pen of Note 8 , such as downloading apps or writing down and underlining news or email content.

The truth is that Samsung lovingly pampers its stylus, always trying to find new functions to make it an object of desire for users, even if it is not a very necessary element, and here lies in part the great difference with the other stylus, which They do not offer so many options of use and are not something essential for companies.

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