What Is The Proper Way To Write Dates In The United States?

What Is The Proper Way To Write Dates In The United States?

In many documents, letters or even in everyday life, the date must be used in written format. But there is no consensus on how to write this, but each one does it in a different way. However, here is a series of regulations to follow for the correct writing of dates. Do you know them? At CRG, we offer you all the details about how dates are written.

Steps to follow:

1. Dates can be written in ascending order: MDY.
This is the order that is officially used in The United States, although the rest are recognized, but not established as official.

Ex: May 23, 2006

2. They can also be written in descending order: YMD.

Ex: 2008 April 12


3. Mixed writing is also possible: DMY.

Ex: 23 August 1999

4. If it is written with the abbreviated spellings, this will allow several variations:

dm-yy: 3-2-99

dm-yyyy: 3-2-1999

dd-mm-yy: 03-02-99

dd-mm-yyyy: 03-02-1999

5. Dates should always be written with figures, never with letters. It is advisable to insert the “of” either between the day and the month, and between the month and the year. You could use both “de” and “del”:

Ex: February 4, 1945

February 4, 1956

6. The first day of the month can be written in three ways: 1, 1st, first , but it is preferable to write 1 to match the first days of the month.
7. When using the abbreviated writing of dates, different signs can be used:




24 03 2012

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