What we currently know about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch Active 4

It is anticipated that Samsung will soon release its next generation of smartwatches. Here is all we know about the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Watch Active 4, including their potential release dates, specifications, and more.

Specifications for the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Watch Active 4

It’s possible that Android will power Samsung’s future watch

Tweets from Ice Universe have been responsible for the disclosure of some of these leaks. He has an impressive track record concerning anything Samsung-related, partially responsible for the over 250,000 people who follow him on the social site. Ice claims that Samsung’s future smartwatch will switch from using the Tizen operating system to Android.

That would certainly provide a new and unexpected turn to the story! Especially considering that some people view Wear OS as an obsolete platform. Despite this, many wearables manufacturers, including Fossil, Huawei, and Mobvoi, include it in their products. The fact that Google releases new versions consistently is suggestive that the company intends to keep working on the program.

Having said that, the search giant has only recently purchased Fitbit, which is a company that operates its own platform. We have not yet determined if the two operating systems will combine into one, remain to coexist in the same space, or whether one will prevail over the other and become obsolete. The only way to know is to wait.

The way that Ice has phrased things is what makes this interesting. However, he did not explicitly state that Samsung would move to Wear OS. That would be unexpected, considering the platform’s reputation for being slow and receiving mixed reviews from users. Tizen is quicker, stable, and allows for longer battery life, even though fewer apps are available.

Instead, Ice uses the word “Android.” Wear OS has Android as its core operating system. That would imply that Samsung is putting the finishing touches on a specialized version of the operating system. This is something that has been done by a variety of other businesses, like Xiaomi and Oppo, amongst others.

It is crucial to note that Samsung has not confirmed this information at this time. People have been discussing the possibility of switching to Android for quite some time. Therefore, it is only a rumor from a source with a long and reputable track record.

Size options

GalaxyClub, a website based in the Netherlands, is responsible for yet another significant breach. They have discovered two new Samsung smartwatch models, which go by the model names SM-R86x and SM-R87x, respectively. There is a good chance that these are two separate iterations of the same watch, possibly two different-sized timepieces, each with the option of Bluetooth and cellular connectivity.

Another disclosure has confirmed this information. It was written by a tech journalist by the name of Nils Ahrensmeier, who works independently. According to his sources, each watch went through two iterations.

  • Galaxy Watch 4 – 42 mm (SM-R880)
  • Galaxy Watch 4 – 46 mm (SM-R890)
  • The Galaxy Watch Active 4 comes in a 40 mm case (SM-R860)
  • Galaxy Watch Active 4 - 42 millimeters in diameter (SM-R870)

If what has been described above turns out to be accurate, then the larger Watch 4 will be one millimeter larger than its predecessor. It is interesting to note that the Watch Active 4 model with the larger display is two millimeters thinner than the already available version.

It’s possible that the watch can monitor glucose levels

There is speculation that the next iteration of the Galaxy Watch will be able to detect glucose levels in the blood. The best part is that it could accomplish this goal by utilizing optical heart rate sensors already in existence.

It would appear that both Apple and Samsung, along with researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, are putting their heads together to develop the technology (MIT). Raman spectroscopy is what’s used to figure out the glucose concentration in the patient’s blood. The non-invasive monitoring of glucose levels is the holy grail of diabetes therapy, as we have stated numerous times in the past. That would be a significant step forward in terms of innovation.

When will the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch Active 4 be available?

We had anticipated that the new Galaxy Watch Active would be available sometime around the summer of 2018. Instead, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Watch 3 during the Unpacked 2020 event that took place in August.

The arrival of the next generation of smartwatches is expected to take place in 2021 at the earliest. It would appear that 2017 is going to be the first year in which we will receive updates for both of the Galaxy Watch devices.

Most people were expecting a release date in the late summer, but the devices might arrive earlier. Ice Universe anticipates that they will launch in the second quarter. According to Nils Ahrensmeier, this should take place in June or July.

This indicates that Samsung would deem the improvement to be so significant that it warrants skipping the Watch Active 3 release. Something comparable was accomplished by the business with the previous Galaxy Watch. Instead of version 2, it was labeled as version 3.

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