What we Know and Expect from The Samsung Galaxy Watch 2

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 was announced in September 2019, and a successor was expected in 2020.

Despite the success of the Active 2, nothing in the world of wristwatch technology remains static. As a result, customers are already growing antsy and hoping for an update.

Unfortunately, the internet rumor mill hasn’t thrown much light on what features might be on the way. However, the Galaxy Watch 2 has been the subject of a few fascinating leaks. Some features may even entice customers to purchase an Apple Watch.

As a result, we estimate that Samsung’s flagship watch will cost around $350 / £280, depending on the pricing of its predecessor.

The release date has yet to be determined. Samsung’s decision to introduce the Galaxy Watch Active before the Galaxy Watch, which was (and continues to be) older, was viewed as odd. This raises the possibility of a Galaxy Watch 2 being developed. Especially when the Galaxy Watch Active 2 has a leather strap option. This elevates the design to a new, more fashionable level and could be a way to appease those who are clamoring for a Galaxy Watch. 

What are the rumors claiming?

The design is expected to be available in two sizes. Similarly, most smartwatches are available in 40mm and somewhat bigger 44mm sizes.

This is due to the fact that the original only came in two sizes: 42mm and 46mm. Samsung is rumored to be considering slimming down the next Galaxy Watch, following complaints that it was too bulky.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is available in 40mm and 44mm, which may have prompted the conversation, but it’s also because this size would compete with the Apple Watch. According to reports, the build’s codename is ‘Renaissance,’ which might mean ‘rebirth,’ implying that significant changes are on the way.

That pretty much covers up the rumors. However, based on what was seen with the Galaxy Watch Active 2, some educated conclusions can be formed.

The addition of an electrocardiogram to the Active 2 was a new function (ECG). It allows the wearer to track their heart rate and alerts them to any potential problems. It has the potential to save lives. This feature is also available on the Apple Watch Series 4. So seeing this on the Galaxy Watch 2 wouldn’t be shocking.

A digital rotating bezel is featured on the Active 2. It is considered to be part of the current design, which also serves to narrow down the design by replacing the actual bezel on the predecessor. This capability is also said to be included in the much-anticipated Google Pixel Watch.

Characteristics desired

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 has a few features that people want:

Improved third-party app selection

Tizen is the operating system for the Galaxy Watch, which is nice but might be improved. Other apps are considerably more accessible on WatchOS and WearOS, and Samsung consumers would like to see some of the most well-known apps available.


This is something that the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 can claim. Users have reacted positively to the advent of this functionality, which they see as a potentially life-saving feature that can identify heart problems.

It would be a significant technological leap for the Galaxy Watch 2.

Stress tracking has been enhanced.

This feature is included on the current Galaxy Watch; however, it still needs improvement. It’s a manual rather than an automated operation. Because the data comes solely from the heart rate monitor, the accuracy is questionable.

A more enjoyable Bixby experience

Buyers expect the Galaxy Watch 2 to have better digital help. Due to Tizen, users are again grouped with Bixby rather than Google Assistant. Bixby isn’t even close to competing with Alexa or Siri.

Charging without wires

Any smartwatch with a proprietary charger has a huge disadvantage in today’s world. It does not promise well for those who are stranded without a charger. Samsung fans have been demanding a wireless charging alternative. If yours fails, you’re more likely to find another battery to use as a backup.

The Galaxy 2: Summarized

When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2, there’s a lot of potential and a long wish list. Only time will tell whether the reports are accurate!

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